New Updates to Share, Vote, ReTweet!

Since we launched the URL shortener, we’ve had over 250,000 links created, which have generated over 1.7 million clicks. Yow!

Starting today, we’re launching some new features that should make even more useful. It’s now a link-sharing utility belt. Check it out:

Share Easy with HootSuite

When you post an link through HootSuite, anyone who clicks that link will see a header that includes:

  1. The Twitter avatar and name of the person who originally posted the link (with a link to their Twitter page.)
  2. The text of the original tweet with that link, with a convenient “RT” button for re-tweeting.
  3. A Rating feature that lets you vote the page up or down.
  4. A “Share” button that lets you share the link via social networking sites or via email:

Bookmarking Social Media

Your links are now more shareable, more re-tweet-able, and they’ll give you more visibility.

You’ll still be able to track clickthroughs on links you post via HootSuite, and you can still add your AdSense code to HootSuite to make a little money on the side.

Happy tweeting. Enjoy the new features.