News Round-up from Nippon – Ryan Holmes says hello to TechCrunch

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May 27, 2010

Big in Japan

Continuing on with Ryan’s busy schedule in Japan comes a video and interview in TechCrunch Japan which includes a special “hello” video message in the article: [jp] hootsuiteが7月に大幅アップデートを予定。Ryan Holmes氏インタビュー auto-translated to: HootSuite plans major updates in July – Ryan Holmes Interview.

One of the questions addresses the differences between HootSuite and other social media tools – here’s a translation:

How do you differentiate Hootsuite from Twitter Apps Seesmic and TweetDeck?

First, We think we should divide into consumer and enterprise Twitter users. For example, Twitter web page is used by the common people. Seesmic and TweetDeck are for power Twitter users. In our term of classification (or category), we are hoping to target the enterprise market. So, for the power user features that you have a Seesmic or TweetDeck and as such, the next step further for business users is to move to HootSuite for features such as teams and analysis.

In addition, Japan seeks support for services like mixi and GREE. HootSuite now offers Japanese version of the page and are listening to requests with two Japanese staff.

Lab Report

Ryan HolmesPhotographer Zuco Pietro recapped the Open Network Lab event featuring Ryan along with Shinnichi Fujikawa, founder of Movatwi. Zudo is an Italian Photographer & Blogger , living between Tokyo, Rome and Barcelona and tweets in English, Italiano, Español & 日本語.

He had this to say about Ryan’s remarks about entrepreneurship in his post: Open Network Lab with Ryan Holmes from HootSuite:

I went to that meeting to learn something new. I hoped I could learn some new formula, something that will give me the elements to start my own business. Is there a procedure? Something that I should do first? Some ancient book with the secret of success?

At the end, after listening to their experiences, the initial problems they had, some advices and the whole saga… the conclusion was so so simple!

Follow your dream, don’t stop, listen to people with common sense and run away from the negative ones. Adapt, learn, and remember that mistakes are good and let you learn more. Jump!

More from the Road

touchannel station blog — by takaaki John TATSUMI and kazumichi Paul NISHIMURA, who “connect cocoro to kokoro” — spread the word about Japan and Ryan’s visit in: HootSuite – Hoot Tour in Japan フートスイート ツアー ジャパン – Ryan Holmes has come to Japan !!

matiere posted: HootSuite、日本語ヘルプデスクサイト開設 explaining that HootSuite has translated the iPhone App to Japanese, and added a Japanese Help Desk and Twitter account HootSuite Japan.

Netafull blog also shared the news about the Japanese community site in: HootSuite(フートスイート)」日本語サイトを開設 or {translated} HootSuite opened Japanese site.

Missing Owl

One small foible on Ryan’s trip is described by yOomii in Lost in flight – perhaps you can help?:

Oh dear, it seems that my mini hootsuite owly got lost in flight while on a business trip. He lost his way somewhere between San Francisco, New York, Washington, and Japan! If you see this small owl, please let me know. He’s probably scared being in a new area which he doesn’t know, and most likely he wants to be back home in Vancouver. If you spot him, please leave me a quick message to let me know, or help spread the word (especially if you live in these locations). Here’s hoping that he will be found and safely return home (: