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October 15, 2010
Just spotted the @HootSuite owl in candy apple form
Candy apple owly by @miss604

There’s plenty happening lately at HootSuite headquarters and all the action has got people talking about free mobile phones, new freemium plans and cloud computing. So today, we’re sharing more recent news – from home and abroad – as well as some of the recognition and reviews.

Along with some award nominations, there is an Owly cameo in a charming video portrait of our hometown and more wise folks are sharing tips for using the social media dashboard to plan events, read news, and manage campaigns.

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Ian BellVancouver: Wonders Start Here

Vancouver’s technology community has delivered a long list of everyday innovations that have had a global impact. We thought it was high time we highlight some of these success stories and worked with a team from Vancouver Film School to tell this story in the best way we could. Thanks to our sponsors — Microsoft Canada, the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, the BC Technology Industry Association, and the BC Innovation Council.

Vancouver: Wonders Start Here from Ian Andrew Bell on Vimeo.

BytePR – Interview with Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite Media Inc. (Spanish)

{Auto-translated} We interviewed Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite Media Inc, the leading platform for community management and a key application for Community Managers.The questions were submitted by the followers of our own Twitter @byte_pr.

Canadian New Media Awards 2011 – Congratulations To Our 2010 Finalists! | CNMA Awards

Digital Media Technology of the Year

dimeRocker | Overinteractive Media, HootSuite | Hootsuite Media, Inc., Shiny Ads | Shiny Ads, Voices.com | Voices.com

Executive of the Year

Alon Marcovici | CTV, Michael McGuigan | Breakthrough Entertainment, Ryan Holmes | HootSuite Media, Inc., Yann Paquet | Reader’s Digest

Straight.com – Vancouver companies earn 2010 Canadian New Media Awards nominations

OverInteractive Media’s dimeRocker and HootSuite Media’s titular productare nominated for Digital Media Technology of the Year.

Cruxroads – Cloud Marketing Triggering an Application Land Rush

By focusing exclusively on the application layer, HootSuite’s engineering team didn’t have to invest in reinventing the wheel by building their own messaging networks to compete with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks.  Instead HootSuite could leverage those existing networks through APIs and focus their development efforts on the unique value of their core product.  The social media firms benefit from exposing their APIs as part of an overall cloud marketing strategy, because it means more traffic and usage for them, which in turn increases the overall value of their networks.

According to Simon Stanlake, HootSuite’s CTO, “We’ve been able to focus nearly all of our development effort on functionality that adds value for our users.  We let the social media companies do what they do best while we do what we do best.  In the end, it’s the user who comes out on top.”

When it comes to adding value for users, both HootSuite and the underlying social media networks add to the total value users receive.  The social media companies provide the network for users to communicate on, while HootSuite provides users with a streamlined, collaborative, team-based approach to interacting with those communication networks.

And just as HootSuite drove down development costs by leveraging external technology, so too has HootSuite tapped into the benefits of externally funded marketing efforts.  Instead of going through the risky startup phase of evangelizing a new solution, HootSuite has inherited the preexisting market awareness and interest already surrounding popular social media networks.

adventureroo – The Basics of Using HootSuite

HootSuite is an amazing platform to keep up with Twitter (and Facebook and LinkedIn and… oh wait, let’s no go there. Let’s just talk Twitter). It makes having conversations on Twitter a cinch.

So, in order to fully show off HootSuite, I thought I’d do a little video for you! You get to hear my slightly Southern drawl tell you the ins and outs of the basics of HootSuite. I won’t admit how many times I re-did this video but I blame at least five re-takes on my dog (slurping water in the background, barking in the middle of the video, THEN WAKING THE BABY- UGH!, coming over to me and panting, pawing at the door to go out, etc.).

HootSuite Review | Organising An Event

HootSuite allows you to efficiently schedule tweets, link existing RSS feeds and tweet them out, utilize Ping.fm tweet broadcasting, manage multiple Twitter accounts, track tweet statistics, and allow for multiple editors so busy users can get a break without losing a minute on Twitter!

How I replaced Google Reader with a twitter list and hootsuite | Jon Dale

I’ve found a better way. I very seldom miss important posts and I read lots of posts that would never have shown up in my RSS reader. Here’s how I do it. I let other people that I trust and respect put my reading list together (and they don’t even realize they’re doing it).

All you need is a twitter list and hootsuite.

Tool Time: Do you give a hoot about HootSuite? | Slice

The Verdict:

* I would highly recommend HootSuite to those who are in need of a successful Twitter campaign. I love tools/applications for Twitter that schedule your tweets and shorten the URL. It also saves you time and makes you look like a magician, what more could you ask for?

More Hoots

We’ve got a lot of owls in action out there making good things happen, so keep an eye out for all the fun that’s coming up.

You can also follow HootSuite’s social bookmarks and/or follow @hootwatch to keep track of the news about HootSuite.