Simplified Chinese and Renren: New language and App Available in HootSuite

Simplified Chinese and Renren: New language and App available in HootSuite

The following is written by HootSuite Community Ambassador, Crystal Jiang.

HootSuite’s localization for Chinese continues as HootSuite is now supporting Simplified Chinese and integrating Renren into the HootSuite App Directory. This follows the original launch in Traditional Chinese along with the Sina Weibo integration on October 7.

To use HootSuite in Simplified Chinese, choose by clicking Settings > Preferences then select Simplified Chinese (or any other desired language) from the pull-down menu.

The Simplified Chinese user face is to serve Mandarin-speaking owls who have access to HootSuite in China as well as the ex-pat community all around the world.

Thanks to Candy Yu and her team, the Simplified Chinese translation has been completed within a month!


Renren is one of the most frequently requested Chinese social networks. Thanks to App developer, Min Li, the Chinese audience now can use HootSuite to manage their Renren account along with Weibo.

Renren for HootSuite features:

  • Share Renren content to your social networks
  • Post your status updates to Renren, including photo uploads
  • View a stream of status updates from your Renren network
  • Like, comment and re-post your friends’ posts

Renren app for HootSuite

Formerly, Renren started as a social platform for college students and later opened to everyone; thus it is most popular among the new graduates and white-collars. Boasting 170 million users, Renren is the largest real name social network in China. With Renren integration, HootSuite will allow Chinese audience to manage multiple social networks at the same time.

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