Prepare for Emergencies with Situational Simulations

Image by Robert Neff

In an emergency situation, it is vital to provide accurate information to the public as quickly as possible. Organizations are turning to social media as a way to provide rapid updates, identify and respond to public concerns, and help keep people safe. But preparation is critical. When real emergencies occur, organizations must have reliable social media procedures and a plan that they can trust.

HootSuite offers Situational Simulations for Enterprise clients through HootSuite Professional Services. Situational Simulations allow organizations to test their response plans, staff, and technology within a private, controlled environment. The HootSuite Professional Services team works together with clients to plan, perform, and review each simulation, giving them insight into what it takes to be effective during high-pressure situations.

HootSuite Professional Services helps organizations:

  • Identify industry-specific scenarios and conduct regular, customized simulations

  • Define team workflows for a variety of scenarios, and then drill team members on their roles and responsibilities

  • Test the efficiency of their social media processes during an emergency by simulating a high volume of interactions with customers and other constituencies

Project Storm Owly

When a large electric utility company in the United States needed to test its preparedness for an extreme weather event, it called on HootSuite Professional Services. Working together, the company and HootSuite Professional Services conducted Project Storm Owly, a simulation of a severe storm and power outage. The simulation provided essential practice for the utility company and allowed it to confidently integrate social media into its overall emergency management strategy.