How To Conduct a Social Media Audit: On-demand Video Now Available

We’re thrilled to announce the highly anticipated webinar, “How to Conduct a Rapid Social Media Audit”, is now available on-demand!

Join Aki Kaltenbach, Director of HootSuite’s Solution Partner Program, alongside our resident social media consultant, Kemp Edmonds, as they walk through the how-to’s of effectively evaluating social media strategies as well as best practices for social engagement in different types of social networks.

Whatever size agency or consultancy you are, this webinar will help you effectively evaluate and assess your existing and potential clients’ social media strategies. Get insightful tips and best practices on how to effectively evaluate clients’ social media strategies, which can allow you to generate new revenue through strategic planning and execution of social media campaigns.


Webinar highlights include:

  • Step-by-step guide to conducting a social media audit for potential clients.
  • Do’s & Don’ts for engaging in social media.
  • Tips on how HootSuite can help improve your social strategy.

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