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How Social Media Can Create a Better Work Environment

Careers aren’t as linear as they used to be. Rather than commit to a single career through to retirement, we often switch paths, and gather several careers’ worth of experience along the way. Can business leaders slow this trend and strengthen our sense of belonging, ownership, and pride?

Statistics show that engaged employees are 20 percent more likely to stick around. They also have four times greater job satisfaction—who doesn’t want that?

The more supported and connected employees feel at work, the greater their loyalty, happiness, and productivity. Social media makes people feel heard, connected, engaged, and inspired. Thanks to its inherently open nature, social media can improve visibility and trust as well as encourage participation, sharing, and culture in the workplace.

3 ways you can use social media to create a better workplace environment

1. Build community through shared culture

Use team-building events, intranet, and social channels to create stronger workplace connections. Communities will form naturally once a space is allocated. Employees can follow each other, share, connect, and create a deeper feeling of family within your business.

Social networks provide the space in which to build connected communities of employees, teams, and departments. This is important because connected employees tend to be happier. And happy employees work harder. We use Facebook at Work, a private social network, to help our ever-expanding workplace stay connected.

Culture should play a leading role in connecting employees. Externally, we use Instagram and the #HootsuiteLife hashtag to collect content and showcase our fun workplace and culture. Internally, Facebook at Work groups are similarly useful for educating and connecting employees on cultural benefits such as wellness and fitness, food trucks in the area, and learning sessions.

2. Motivate employees

Sharing wins and progress makes everyone accountable. Employees can easily get behind wins, finding motivation in knowing they’re part of one team working toward one mission. Use private social networks and groups to communicate progress and keep everyone informed.

What better way to motivate employees than by recognizing individuals for his or her hustle, entrepreneurship, or doggedness for the rest of the company to see?  Try publishing company-wide successes on private or public channels, recognizing individual employees or entire teams who contributed. Reward or incentivize employees with light-hearted competitions, such as employee of the month.

3. Improve transparency

Our own CEO, Ryan Holmes, recently said that “The greatest motivator for CEOs to get on social media may be simple necessity. Social media represents a cultural shift, not just a technological one, and it’s already made the leap into the workplace…” Holmes uses social video to share weekly updates and answer questions for the entire company on Facebook at Work. Leading by example sets the tone, work ethic, and values for the rest of the organization.

Jayson Demers said that creating an environment of transparency “can do wonders for the collective motivation of your workplace.” In showing that no one is hiding anything and information is readily available, people will have greater respect for leadership and a better understanding of business objectives. Knowing leadership is listening and supports employees can do wonders for morale.

With your employees actively engaging on social media, many will naturally share content on your brand’s behalf. Employee advocacy improves marketing reach, employee retention, and information dissemination.

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