Social Media Dashboard and VC Funding on Web 20 Show

Ryan Holmes Movember at TedX Vancouver by KK

Do you know the Web20 show? Well you should and not just to hear Ryan Holmes, Founder of HootSuite talk about pursuing VC funding and the joys of iterating your product. Here’s how they set up the segment:

We talked about how they iterated to get to the full on Social Media Dashboard that HootSuite aims to be. Originally it was just Twitter in their Radar, but soon after they pulled in Facebook, LinkedIn and to use as sources for your social content.

In the “Twitter client” space and the Social Media Dashboard space, there is a lot of demand for features and the competition is strong. Ryan helps us to understand what they are doing different to differentiate themselves from the competition regardless of the platform, web, mobile, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.

Ryan and I talked quite a bit in this episode about their recent Series A round of Financing of $1.9 Million dollars back in January 2010. In today’s startup world it’s sort of a “no no” to take funding, but for them they really needed that financial backing to take HootSuite to the next level and the places they want to take it.

So head over to listen to the Ryan Holmes episode and follow @web20show on Twitter for updates.