Social Sharing of HootSuite Tips and Trick – News Round-Up

HootSuite pins – pins and photo by Six Cent Press

Many HootSuite fans are talking about our beloved social media dashboard and sharing the benefits with fellow users.

We’ve stumbled on another batch of valuable tips, tricks, and videos to help use HootSuite to it’s full potential. We’re thrilled that you are creating so many valuable resources and are pleased to share some of what you are saying.

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Tale of a HootSuite Convert

Jai Cole, vice-president of Plum Communications Inc wrote Hootsuite Reigns! A Convert’s Tale:

Then, miraculously, I found Hootsuite, an application that manages multiple Twitter accounts, including LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. I set up my account with the wise Owl and now all I have to do is key-in my 140-character message, check off the accounts it should go to and off they fly. Even better, Hootsuite has a built-in app that shrinks your long URL into a shortened version, so you don’t use all your 140 characters and you can tweet immediately or later.

Why make life more complicated? You can post to multiple accounts within the Hootsuite dashboard. We’re glad that you are a convert!

Video Tips!

Cassidy Hoffman shares some video HootSuite Tutorials:

If you guys aren’t familiar with Hootsuite, definitely check this out! Make sure to watch all three videos in the playlist. It’s going to help you keep track of all of your social networks and really save you a lot of time! Feel free to comment or shoot us a Tweet if you have any questions! We’re always here to help!

Thanks for those helpful videos Cassidy.

Getting the Most out of HootSuite

Here are Ten Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of HootSuite from Ivan Walsh:

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, want to schedule your tweets, want to see stats on your tweets, and want it all in a new user interface, then try Hootsuite. I used to use TweetDeck but have moved to Hootsuite as it offers better stats and integration with Facebook. Here are 10 tips to get the most out of this desktop twitter client.

Fantastic! It is nice to hear that you are enjoying the stats and integration.

Discovering HootSuite’s Integration

Bill Anderson talks about organizing and streamlining his social media in HootSuite – A Better Solution?:

I clicked on the link, and started to explore what HootSuite had to offer. To give it a test drive, I created an account. While it only provides a two-way interface between Twitter, Facebook (including fan pages), and LinkedIn, HootSuite also allows you to connect to There is also an interface to any blog that you maintain at

Great to hear that our integration brought you to HootSuite.

Yes We’ve Got Stats

Marketing Vox talks Tools that Capture Social Media Metrics:

HootSuite. Mashable also recommends HootSuite as a great Twitter manager that also offers impressive analytics. “The nice thing about the click data you get from an app like HootSuite (or is by looking deeper you can more easily see if those clicks translate into transactions or impressions on your other sites.”

We are very happy to be able to offer useful analytics data. Thank you for the mention Marketing Vox.

2 Thumbs up!

Debbie Turner gives HootSuite an outstanding review – HootSuite Review: Two Thumbs Up as Twitter Client:

Whether you have one or several Twitter accounts, if you’re feeling out of whack staying up to date or unorganized, I recommend considering using Hootsuite. The Internet is loaded with Twitter applications (some free, some costing hundreds of dollars). HootSuite is one of the best of the bunch and is fully loaded with useful tools.

What an amazing review. It’s good to hear that you are successfully managing all your Twitter accounts now with HootSuite. Thanks for spreading the word!