SXSW 2011 Voting Guide – Japan, Stats, Stilettos, Campaigns and Art

SXSW is the venerable and legendary media conference held annually in Austin, Texas — HootSuite will be there and we’d like your vote for some proposed panels.

The conference center entrance to SXSWi.
Where it all goes down at SXSW

Southby” started as a music fest before adding film, then interactive media, to the mix. The geek-centric component has become the *the* place for web start-ups to launch, founders to meet and pundits to extol on the brave future we are all co-creating. We also truly enjoy seeing SXSW using HootSuite to transmit their social media updates to a enthused audience.

While the (often-epic) parties get most of the chatter from the (often-haggard) attendees returning to their cubicles, the panels and presentations remain the heart of the conference. With many rooms running concurrently, there are plenty to choose from … but even more are submitted.

The panels are selected from a mix of public voting, review by an advisory committee and vetting by the SXSW staff. This creates an eclectic and unpredictable mix — which is what attendees expect.

And it’s not just the big tech names who get podium time — lots of “up and comers” and thinkers with fresh ideas get picked to educate, inspire (and entertain) the esteemed audience.

HootSuite is associated with a few panel pitches and we ask you to kindly consider giving a thumbs up each. You don’t need to be an attendee to vote, simply sign-up for a SXSW account and vote up until Aug. 27th. If you are inclined, please spread the news with your social networks (using HootSuite natch).

Very Hoot-able

Ryan Holmes on stage (and thoughtful)

1) Big in Japan: Outreaching to a Unique Market

Participants: Ryan Holmes – HootSuite + experts to be named later

Blurb: Web and mobile technology have developed differently in Japan than any other country with hardware, features and social communities which are completely unique to this singular market. But Japanese companies are now realizing this introverted market position isn’t sustainable and are now looking towards technology from outside and exploring way to create technology for outside of their country. Japan has ubiquitous high-speed coverage and a voracious appetite for tech gadgets, however, their tools have developed with entirely different features than other countries.

2) Bleeding Edge Social Media Analytics

Participants: Priscilla ScalaPeopleBrowsr, Joe FernandezKlout, Ryan HolmesHootSuite

Blurb: From marketing brainstorm sessions to executive boardrooms, we’ve all heard the question a million times: What’s the ROI for this? When it comes to social media, assessing concrete metrics and measuring impact have not always been obvious, but are nonetheless essential for buy-in, investment, and long-term success. With the right tools and approach, we can peel back the layers between the digital and real worlds to determine how social media programs affect actions, sentiment, and marketplaces.

Bonus Round

Here are a few key selections from our colleagues at Invoke Media:

3) Creating Corporate Campaigns in Facebook – WTF?

Participants: Sian Pairaudeau & Andre Liem – Invoke Media

Blurb: Have you been asked to create content for corporate Facebook pages? Are you thinking about creating interactive content for your company’s page? Listen up! Developing in Facebook can test one’s patience but, as many marketing managers are discovering, it can also reap worthwhile rewards. This dual presentation takes you through the process from both a project management and developer’s perspective. We’ll explore the “dark side” of Facebook’s API and the implications for planning a marketing campaign.

4) Das Stiletto: Discovering Ladykind in the Social Web

Conference chic =
Geek chic — Listen to these ladies share the knowledge

Participants: Grace Carter & Nadia Nascimento – Invoke Media

Blurb: Why does understanding how to market to women with social web apps matter? Come meet a couple of lady dreamers and let’s tell stories together. Grace and Nadia are a two-part set of technologists and romantics. Specifically, we dream up social web strategies for big companies, often times directing the development of online technology. As women in a male-dominated industry, we’ve had a unique opportunity to shape creative content and technology into a compelling experience for our sisters. We’ve also been attuned to who else is achieving this, and how. This will be a fun session.

… And finally, one by yours truly (HootSuite Marketing and Community Director Dave Olson) speaking about history of art and tech.

5) Art and Technology Are Old Pals

Participants: Dave Olson – as himself (see preview from Wordcamp Vancouver)

Blurb: Throughout history, technological innovation has occasionally spurred significant artistic progress. From Van Gogh’s early tubed oil paints to the real-time communication of CB radios, this presentation will explore examples in over the past centuries in which scientific innovation sparked significant cultural events. By looking at historical predecessors, we’ll trace the cultural origins of contemporary communication and publishing tools. Examples and anecdotes will include HD Thoreau’s creation of modern graphite pencil, the early days of the mountain bike industry, the last telegram ever sent, the rise and fall of Word Perfect.

And You?

Are you in Vancouver with a panel to pitch? Are you prepping for a social web/HootSuite-centric presentation? Great! Drop a comment with the SXSW Panel Picker address and spread the good word.


Kris Krug and Danielle Sipple assembled a great assortment of SXSW pitches from Vancouver peeps in: ‘Vancouver’s Got A Posse’ at South By Soutwest Interactive 2011 including a great assortment of photos from previous years which capture the faces and fun of the event.

Finally, … perhaps you’d like a flavor of the SXSW panels?