Teams, Schools, Geos and KOs ~ News Round-up

Owly kicking it at HootSuite HQAnother busy week of making data and tuning tools at HootSuite HQ – here’s a few of the faves we found out on the web about topics including education, geo-location, toolkits, competitor comparison and getting stuff done quickly.

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Geo Down Under

Marc D Anderson’s blogged about a Nice Feature: Geolocation Icon in HootSuite:

I noticed something new today in HootSuite, though it may have been there for a while now. {snip} All kidding aside, I recommend HootSuite wholeheartedly to manage your Twitter streams.  I’ve used other tools like TweetDeck and EchoFon over the last year or so, but HootSuite’s capabilities, along with the tight coupling of the browser-based and iPhone versions make it a winner for me.

Glad you found it and like it Marc – note: more coming on this topic ;-)

Elance like the App

Elance Blog says There’s An App For That:

Hootsuite:  This one was a recent find for me, and I must say it’s my favorite web-based application for managing multiple social media sources. Hootsuite offers the ability to manage multiple social media networks through multiple tabs on a single window pane (totally awesome). You can import multiple Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, WordPress, LinkedIn,, and Foursquare accounts, and you can update one, some, or all of your statuses with a few clicks of a button.

A thorough review of HootSuite, plus a few other Twitter tools. Thanks for coming on board!

Owls and Notebooks

Kendra Kinnison assembled a toolkit in her blog post Toolkit: Personal Organization, saying:

HootSuite – an essential tool if you use social media. Provides integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Ping in a clean web-based interface. Recently added incredible team collaboration tools.

Truly a worthy list and a lovely blog – take her advice to help get organized! Note: Personally, I agree with this advice she offers:

You must carry a notebook with you at all times. Two keys: one notebook, all times. Quit making your brain remember all sorts of trivial information that’s important, but just needs to be captured. And don’t try to have multiple notebooks to sort by topic. (That’s even harder to keep track of.) I’m partial to the Moleskine squared notebook because it’s sturdy, closes tightly, holds a pen across the top, and seems to be the perfect size.

I’ve got my Moleskine in my rucksack right next to the laptop.

Teams of Agents

filed an Real Estate Business article called: Using Hootsuite to Simplify Your Multiple Twitter Account Management:

I read in several forums that real estate professionals are concerned with the time that they believe must be spent in working with the multiple social network sites. It’s true that you can easily put more time into these sites than the business you may generate will justify.

With my time in mind, I’m always looking for faster and easier ways to get things done with technology. Hootsuite is the best tool I’ve found for Twitter. The management of multiple accounts from one screen is a huge time saver. But, right up there with that benefit is the ability to organize tweets for fast retrieval of information I want.

Using tabs and columns in the Hootsuite dashboard, I’m able to spend just a few minutes each morning and see a kind of “custom newspaper” of items of interest to me, or tweets about my local area and real estate market. When a competitor finally finds Twitter, I know it the first day, as their first tweet usually mentions real estate and our area. My search display column pops their tweet right up.

Some great advice in here for Real Estate agents and other similar organizations – note his tip that HootSuite is great for teams but still useful if you only have one Twitter account.


Spend Less Time, Get More Done – Yes Please! Start with making Team Connections with HootSuite:

About six weeks ago when I wrote about how teams actually communicate, I suggested that there was a need for a Twitter-like tool for project team communications. A tool based on short messages and links to shared team documents. Last week a product that I use, HootSuite, added those features.

Many of the products linked from that original article provide short team messages but added many unnecessary features that increase the learning curve and just clutter up their solutions. HootSuite seems to have hit the right balance of useful features and straightforward implementation. They didn’t throw everything they could imagine into the product; they solved the problems people need solved. Simple and straightforward and worth a look.

From the Boiler

HootSuite in the Classroom and Boardroom – a study from Purdue:

A group of Information Technology students at Purdue University conducted a comprehensive look at HootSuite as a company and a tool. In particular, they looked at applications for HootSuite in the educational space with examples and scenarios all the way through to post-secondary situations.  They also share some reasons for using HootSuite outside of academia:

HootSuite would be a very useful tool for an organization or club. The secretary or other leader of that group could be given the responsibility to manage multiple social networking sites through HootSuite. The group would have several different social networking sites including a facebook. Then, through HootSuite that person could manage all of them. They could send out important information such as dates of events, reminders to members to follow through with a task, information on meetings, introduction of members, and so on. HootSuite would allow the secretary to schedule the tweets ahead of time so they could prepare far in advance to make sure every bit of information is sent out on time. It would be a great way to ensure updates for the organization are getting out quickly and efficiently.

Some organizations that could benefit from HootSuite: * Sports teams * School clubs * Non profits * Music artists * Any group that has to manage multiple social networking accounts!

The result is a treat to read and even includes a .pdf “brochure” to support their report. BTW, what are Boilermakers anyhow?


FolkMedia explains Why We Recommend Hootsuite – Here are the top 3 by Joel Mark Witt who is the author of 21 Days To Twitter Leadership:

Hootsuite is web based – We are firm believers in keeping your content and applications on the web. This allows you to access your information and tools from anywhere in the world. Hootsuite is completely web based and can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.

Great metrics – If you can’t measure it – it doesn’t exist. Metrics are great to show the boss, clients, colleagues and employees. Hootsuite generates useful metrics. Need we say more?

Free service – As of this writing Hootsuite is free. Get in now and you’ll probably be grandfathered in if they ever do go to a pay model. They also released an iPhone app for $1.99 to give all the Hootsuite  features while on the go.

Joel adds a handful of tips and a quick start guide for the all the folks using media (hey that’s all of us!)

Gloves On

Hanbery Marketing puts us in the ring in: Awesome Twitter Apps Pt 3: HootSuite KO’s CoTweet:

The problem with calling oneself an “expert” in the field of social media is the dynamic nature of the technology. Your “expert” advice, especially regarding what tools to use and how they work, can change between morning and afternoon.

Example: Yours truly writes a blog post one Friday on what HootSuite does and another the next Friday on who should use CoTweet and why, and on the following Tuesday HootSuite announces that it now provides features that pretty much render CoTweet irrelevant.

Mike serves up his analysis with a dose of self-deprecating humor and background about this changing landscape of Twitter tools including HootSuite vs. Tweetdeck – funny stuff.