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A Social Media Manager’s Guide To Social Media Reporting

Social media reporting is important for social media managers to prove the ROI of social media to their boss. And it’s a social media manager’s job to choose the right social media report to effectively report on the success of their social media strategy. With no social media strategy being identical, social media reports should be custom made to achieve social media reporting goals.

We’ve discussed which social media metrics you should track, this time we’re going to focus on how to create custom social media reports in Hootsuite and highlight analytic modules to use when building your social media report.

How to customize your social media reporting in Hootsuite

Step 1: From the navigation panel on the left hand side of the dashboard, click Analytics

Social media reporting in Hootsuite starts with choosing analytics

Step 2: Click the Build Custom Report button found under the Customize field from the left-aligned menu.

For custom social media reporting choose Build custom report

Step 3: Select Custom Report in the select a template window

Customize your social media reporting with Hootsuite's custom report
#SMCTIP:  Customize your social media reports by branding them with your company logo or with descriptions and paragraphs.

Adding custom social media report modules

Now that you know how to create a custom report in Hootsuite, you now need to start combining various analytics modules to start building your social media report. Each module is reflective of the Social Network it represents.

To add modules, click on any social network under the Analytics Modules and then click the + symbol next to the module you want to add.

This guide highlights some of our most popular modules, grouped by social network:

#SMCTIP: Organize your report by dragging and dropping the modules to appropriate places.

Put your social media report together

To put everything together, we’ve created three useful reports you can build to help get you started. Each report listed below requires a different number of points to create. The point system attached to each report is reflective of how in depth or comprehensive you want your report to be.

Discovery Report: 50 Points

This report give you an overview of your social media activity across various networks. It requires the 50 points that is included with Hootsuite Pro to create. This report is free with your first 50 points.

In Depth Insights Report: 100 Points

Wow your boss and take your reporting to the next level by providing a deeper analysis into understanding your customers and their needs with this simple In-Depth 100 point report.

Comprehensive Listening: 150 Points

Customize your report to directly reflect your unique business needs and the various social networks connected to the dashboard. Using 150 points ensures you are understanding not only what content your customers are most engaged with, but how your brand is performing on social media.

Social media reports for social media managers

#SMCTIP: Learn how to use Hootsuite Points for your social media reports

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