Announcing HootSuite for iPhone

By Chris Trottier | 6 years ago | 84 Comments

It’s here! HootSuite for iPhone, the market’s most hotly anticipated Twitter client for the iPhone, is available in the iTunes store starting today.

HootSuite for iPhone is the only Twitter app that lets you view statistics. It’s also the only one that lets you schedule your tweets in advance. With HootSuite for iPhone, you can send tweets to multiple accounts simultaneously, from the palm of your hand. But that’s not all.

Use HootSuite for iPhone to moderate your Twitter lists. Upload and share photos or files over Twitter using, or read explanations for why topics trend on Twitter.

All this goodness and more is housed inside the most robust, intuitive user interface of any iPhone Twitter client.

Key features of HootSuite for iPhone include:

  • Customizable user interface with sortable tabs and columns
  • Easy navigation thanks to column swiping
  • Schedule tweets
  • Update multiple accounts at once
  • Save searches
  • Track statistics
  • Share photos
  • Import and expand lists
  • Explore trending topics

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Chris 5pts

Great app. It's worth the price! And thank you, for making it work with Android!

Robert Brown
Robert Brown 5pts

that tool is really amazing... and iPhone makes app experience doubled...

Mendel Potok
Mendel Potok 5pts

Love the app, any chance this will get on Android?

vinay 5pts

really a very wonderful app...

Jeff D.
Jeff D. 5pts

A Windows Mobile/Phone version would be amazing! :)

Aubrey 5pts

Nice app, where's the android version?

Piedra 5pts

What about BlackBerry?

Jessica 5pts

Looking forward to the Android version. I don't have an iPhone.



Andrew V
Andrew V 5pts

I do not have an I-phone but coming from you guys, it must be good.

Art Werry
Art Werry 5pts

Is anyone else having a problem with scheduled tweets using the iPhone? When I schedule a tweet, I choose the day and the time, but then the program assigns the year 2010 to the tweet. The clock on the iPhone is correct and I don't see anywhere to set the year in Hootsuite.


Marko 5pts

VERY VERY VERY disappointing that this doesn't connect to facebook or fan pages and yet you are chraging me money for this when other free apps with near identical functionality

MY fault of course for not reading the fine print...but I STILL feel ripped off. This lack of functionality should have been written IN THE SPECS to avoid angry comments like this.

If I could return this product I would.

Sean malarkey
Sean malarkey 5pts

Sticking with another app till the fb & li integration is available. Any update on when that will be available? Approx date?

Jonathan Alexander
Jonathan Alexander 5pts

can't have twitter update facebook status... and when I check my twitter stats via iphone, my picture covers the stats. i like the format but need the stats fix as well as facebook update capability.

David 5pts

Great, can't wait to use the app when I finally get my Iphone!

Alex Quintana
Alex Quintana 5pts

@Andy Gradel

You can't tweet to anything but your Twitter account(s). No Facebook, no, so I can't really send updates using the iPhone app because they'll only go to Twitter and nothing else.

unless I'm missing something?

Andrew David Baron
Andrew David Baron 5pts

I absolutely love this app. I'm actively thinking about getting rid of my other Apps. It's that good. There are some minor things I would have done differently, but so be it...

Thanks for the Hoot!

Missey 5pts

@Support: Still no reply from you regarding iTouch 1st. gen needing a microphone so we cannot download HootSuite on our iTouch. Please let us know if you will be making changes to allow us to be able to get your app!

I did purchase it on iTunes thinking it might be the way to get it on my iTouch but that also didn’t work.

I have made several requests on your other blog page "there's an owl for that". Since so many people have the same problem, an answer would be nice!

Corey Creed
Corey Creed 5pts

Still looking for an answer to this question. Can someone from Hootsuite comment on this?

I have a iPod Touch Gen 1. It is running 3.1.2 iPod software as the current version. When I try to load the app, it tells me it can’t be installed and requires a microphone. Huh? Why? Will this be fixed? (Please?)

Aiman 5pts

I think it is the best so far. I bought 3 other apps last week, even paid premium fees for global notification. I would add to what has been asked earlier push notification. Landscape orientation, larger text button option. Thanks anyway

Larzzzz 5pts

Good start, BUT... 1) the inability to tell new tweets from old tweets, along with automatically loading at the top of the stream ia a major fail for both the desktop and iPhone apps. 2) the lack of synching between desktop and phone apps. If I have an account, it would have been nice to synch my desktop's tabs to my app tabs. And 3) the lack of Facebook and LinkedIn support like the desktop. As you have said, those are in work.

Those three reasons are why I bought the app, but will NOT be using it as my primary social network tool. That will remain Tweetie 2, QStatus, and TwitBird Prem (for notifications).

Stephanie Wonderlin
Stephanie Wonderlin 5pts

I love the app, but I would really like an "email tweet" feature. Helps when I want to read something later... Also - syncing from what you have on your computer to your iPhone.

Andy 5pts

Works on my iPhone 3G. Great! Thank you!

Sarge |
Sarge | 5pts

So happy about this app! All it needs is facebook and facebook fan-page management :) Great job guys, I'm a huge supporter of Hootsuite!

Corey Creed
Corey Creed 5pts

I have a iPod Touch Gen 1. It is running 3.1.2 iPod software as the current version. When I try to load the app, it tells me it can't be installed and requires a microphone. Huh? Why? Will this be fixed? (Please?)

Kevin 5pts

Trying to download the app from my iTouch over wi-fi and it says it will only run on an iPhone because it needs a mic. Is this just an issue with the way the app is set up on the app store. It looks like others have gotten it to work, I assume downloading it in iTunes and syncing. I'd prefer not to do it that way.

Dinx 5pts

I need to update my firmware! Arrrrgh!!! I love Hootsuite that much!

zalary 5pts

@Gibson I experienced the same issue - but only after I downloaded it, since I bought it via the iTunes store. Very disappointing.

Micky 5pts

Oh, and I use an iPhone 3G w. latest firmware.

Micky 5pts

I loved it for 30 minutes, then it started to crash. Tried do delete all data and sign up again, but then it starts crashing again - always when I load home streams or hit refresh. Same goes for a lot of my twitter contacts. Seems to be a major bug.

Support 5pts

@Michael DeBusk

Facebook and LinkedIn integration are being worked on in the owl laboratory as we speak. Stay tuned.

Support 5pts


@Dan @Gibson Are you both using the most recent software on your respective iPhone and iPod? For further queries and some superlative customer service, please visit

Michael DeBusk
Michael DeBusk 5pts

The features are great, but it's disappointing so see the lack of social network integration. At the very least, a tie-in would have been easy to throw in. Tweetie 1 (which I continue to use) had it, and no other client I've gotten since has.

Daniel M. Perez
Daniel M. Perez 5pts


I downloaded it via the iTouch AppStore app and it worked just fine for me, no mic required. Weird.

Daniel M. Perez
Daniel M. Perez 5pts

Got mine last night and it is constantly crashing whenever I load a Home stream on any account. From time to time it lets me load them, but as I start to go through it, bam, it crashes again. Whenever it does that, it garbles up the avatars of all my various accounts, taking one of them and applying it to the other ones (I update the account name/pass and it fixes it).

I want this to work because it's also what I use on my laptop, but first impressions have been much marred by my inability to use it right.

I'm using an iPod Touch, latest version.

Gibson 5pts

I tried to download this app on my iPod Touch and the App Store wouldn't let me saying the HootSuite App required a microphone. I was pretty bummed, otherwise I would have bought it. What would you need a microphone for on HootSuite?

Dan 5pts

I bought this as soon as I noticed it had been released this morning (UK time).

There seems to be a major bug with Geolocated tweets - they crash the app. If ever a geolocated tweet appears in the time line, the app just shuts. Which makes it pretty much unusable in its present form.

Doug 5pts

Where's the Facebook and Linkedin functionality in the app?

André-Pierre 5pts

The price is $1,99 - too much for me, using Tweetdeck for free with which I manage 5 different accounts. Really, can't you make it free, please?

Nathan 5pts

I do not see any mention of push notifications. Am I right in guessing there aren't any? Just thought I'd ask! Thanks.

Ken Cheshire
Ken Cheshire 5pts

Actually at 10:48 Central time on December 9th, it's up for download both App Stores. I got mine.

Prolagus 5pts

Installed! It's beautiful!

Noah Rasheta
Noah Rasheta 5pts

I clicked on the app store link on and it took me to the app store. I purchased the app and it's working just fine! So far it's looking like a solid app thats well worth the price!

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks for your kind words Chris.

Support 5pts

That's correct for now, Alex. Stay tuned for social network integration very soon.

Support 5pts

The crash occurs with geo-tracked tweets in the homefeed. We submitted a fix last night and the update should be available soon. For other issues, and for excellent customer service, please visit us at