Dutch and Portuguese Owls ~ New Mobile Translations for #HootSuite

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Mobile Device in several Languages

Dutch & Portuguese for Android & BlackBerry

Building upon the release of a Spanish-language version of HootSuite, we’re pleased to add Dutch and Portuguese localized versions of HootSuite for BlackBerry and Android – with iPhone versions coming close behind. This is yet another milestone achieved thanks to the diligent contributors to the HootSuite Translation Project. With their efforts, HootSuite is available in a variety of languages – from Japanese to Arabic – on various platforms.

Get started by downloading the newest version of HootSuite for BlackBerry or HootSuite for Android and choose your preferred language. Need help? Visit the Portuguese Forum or the Dutch Forum in the Help Desk.

Going Dutch with “Een paar feiten” (A Few Facts)

Owly DutchWith Android and BlackBerry making up a large percentage of the Dutch smartphone market, we’re excited to release the Dutch mobile translations. In fact, about a year ago, a mobile tech industry trade mission visited HootSuite HQ each packing at least 3 phones! From then, we knew the Dutch wanted to Hoot in their own language.

Our man from The Netherlands gathered some interesting facts about social media in The Netherlands from Comscore, Twirus, and  Erno Hannink:

  • The Netherlands is #1 worldwide for Twitter (26.8%) and LinkedIn (26.1%) usage
  • Approximately 420,000 Dutch speakers are using Twitter
  • 27 is the average age of Dutch Twitter users
  • 57% of Dutch Twitter users are male (surprising considering there are more female Twitter users)
  • 5% of accounts are strictly business-related
  • DJ Armin van Buuren is the most-followed Dutch Twitter user

Note: Hyves – the leading social networking website in the Netherlands – has a total of 10.8 million users, and 9.1 million are Dutch! That works out to a staggering 54% of the total Dutch population, an even greater percentage of penetration than Facebook in the USA.

Jets to Brazil for Carnaval, futebol e HootSuite!

Brazilian OwlyPortuguese is the second most used language on Twitter so we are very excited to provide a localized version of the HootSuite for the Portuguese speakers on both sides of the Atlantic. Perhaps a web translation is in the future which would be another reason to celebrate in Brazil or Portugal.

Our Portuguese Ambassador gathered up some social media facts about Brazil and Portugal from IBOPE, 2nd, Sem Mundo, Folha, and Tecnologia:

  • Internet users in Brazil have increased by 9.6% since last year
  • 38% of Brazilian Internet users are on Twitter & 36% are on Facebook
  • 61% of  Portuguese women and 52% of Portuguese men use social networks
  • Brazilian comedian Rafinha Bastos and TV host Luciano Huck are two of the 10 Most-Influential people on Twitter

Note: Thought Hyves was big? Orkut is the leading social networking site in Brazil with ~80% – 94% of Internet users participating in the Google-owned network! Now you know.

Dank U + Obrigado + Thank You

Without our international community of HootFans, these updates would still be a distant hope as the crowd-sourced contributions and the feedback is an important part of understanding what people desire from our dashboard. Specifically, a big thanks to the top translators on these projects:

Dutch Top Translators (Android) @interactieveling + dutchowl + @arvidbux

Dutch Top Translators (BlackBerry) @wesberry + Lusmoos + sampie38

Portuguese Top Translators (Android) @vandehugo + SocialCall + tulioht

Portuguese Top Translators (BlackBerry) @Skellington + Ceres + bernaferrari

Note: The nicknames listed are Translation Project logins – we’ve included Twitter handles where possible and will update as we learn more.

Along with our thanks and admiration, these volunteers will receive a Hootkit of Owl treats to share with their friends.

Start the Party

hootsuite-blackberryHootSuite Android OwlGet started by downloading the newest version of HootSuite for BlackBerry or HootSuite for Android and choose your preferred language.

Need help? Visit the Portuguese Forum or the Dutch Forum in the Help Desk. Wondering how to change your handset’s language? Check out these articles about BlackBerry and Android.

If you haven’t already, check out our HootSuite Translation Project for updates on our localization progress. You can also vote on which languages are added to the project next on our feedback page. Next up… German and Indonesian or… maybe Korean or Turkish! Pitch in to make it happen in your country.

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Dyslexie test
Dyslexie test 5pts

Thanks for posting this. This has been quite usefull for me.

Alafu 5pts

Thank you to the translators

Michel 5pts

Good news, I think it will be useful to many people

Frederique Nijenhuis
Frederique Nijenhuis 5pts

Great! Will Hootsuite soon allow us to add Hyves.nl to add as a stream on our dashboards?

Keegan McColl
Keegan McColl 5pts

Felicitations on the expansion of Hootsuite to our spanish speaking amigos! But where is Hootsuite scandanavia!? Global leaders in internet usage per capita, Norway sits at 94% penetration, Sweden at 92% and Denmark at 86%, this untapped market could benefit from Hootsuite's stellar services!

Cyclopaat 5pts

Re the stats on Twitter and Hyves in the Netherlands, I believe that contrary to Twitter, the fast majority on Hyves will be female. Interesting to get a background and the reasons for that, but a 150 character (message) limit may have something to do with it. For that matter, this comment would not have fitted on Twitter :-)