Getting Started with HootSuite’s New App Directory ~ A HootSuite University Walk-Through

By Kirsten | 4 years ago | 2 Comments

With HootSuite’s newly released App Directory comes four brand new videos from HootSuite University. These videos provide an instructional overview of how HootSuite users can set up and get the most out of the first third-party apps featured in the HootSuite App Directory: YouTube, Tumblr, and Flickr.

HootSuite University will guide you through the process of accessing the new App Directory, adding apps, and managing your new app streams. You’ll also learn how to upload new content, monitor and post to multiple accounts, view comments, and more.

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HootSuite University

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Josh 5pts

If the YouTube functionality is to be useful for pro accounts, we need to be able to set all of the options that YouTube partners have from the YouTube app. YouTube partners have to put in a monetization authorization and select monetization options before this stuff can be enabled on our uploads. Without that, I have still have to do all my uploading from YouTube.