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By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 5 Comments

Migration to paid plansMigration season has come and gone at HootSuite, and now all users have settled into the nests that are right for them — HootSuite’s Free, Pro or Enterprise plans.

Legions of HootSuite fans are happily hooting away, and we’ve seen a number of HootSuite Pro users singing the benefits of the plan that allows them to make use of advanced features and analytics, as well as team collaboration for their businesses.

We’re always keeping an eye on how our users are benefiting from our plans — whether through our feedback channel or by reading the many user blog posts that are published daily — and take to heart the many comments and posts about how HootSuite Pro continues to help make social media management more efficient for our users.

Here are just some of the articles we’ve rounded up that show happy users who have made the switch to the Pro plan — see how going Pro can help your hooting too.

Pro Advice – Why I Paid for HootSuite Pro

When HootSuite decided to announce their Freemium model, I was a bit torn. I love free. Who doesn’t? My budget has never been insanely flexible to allow for payments of all sorts. BUT at the same time, I’ve written about how freelancing is not free and how people shouldn’t take me for granted and assume that I will be giving them my expertise for free, just because I’m a super nice guy.

So I figured that it was important that I spoke the language that I have always used with my own actions. Or as they say, “walk the walk as I talk the talk”. So, I took the plunge and decided to pay for HootSuite Pro. – HootSuite Goes Freemium

HootSuite multi-tiered plansAs part of the 5% who might fit the Pro Plan profile, your friendly social media junkies here at Mashable do use HootSuite professionally; as daily users, we can tell you it fits the bill for organizations that have teams of very active social media pros.

The Linknet Blog – What Can HootSuite Do For You?

In a recent post blogger Joe Hackman offers reasons why he has opted for the paid “Pro” version of HootSuite:

…so why do I love HootSuite?:

  1. The platforms it supports (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare,, etc)
  2. The custom dashboards (must have, seriously!)
  3. Ability to access customer accounts and collaborate.
  4. Scheduling.
  5. RSS/Atom feed support. (This is an absolute must for some of my clients accounts)

Twittercism – I Just Upgraded to @HootSuite Pro (Which Means I’m Actually Paying for Twitter)

As regular readers will know, I’ve been a huge fan of HootSuite since way back. My team and I find the software absolutely invaluable at work, and the new Pro package monthly subscription ($5.99, plus $15 per user – note, not per social network, which are unlimited with the pro plan) was a small price to pay.

Business on Twitter – HootSuite Pro – Why Is Everyone Giving Them Such a Hard Time?

HootSuite LogoWith HootSuite I can:

  • Manage 20+ Twitter accounts
  • Manage 50+ Facebook Business Pages
  • Schedule Tweets and Facebook updates to appear when I (or my client) wants
  • See stats on Tweets – for example, how many people clicked
  • Create lists of people I follow
  • Find new people to follow
  • Keep track of specific searches
  • and more

I use HootSuite primarily for managing multiple accounts and scheduling Tweets for clients as well as collating stats – for my main Twitter account I use Tweetdeck, and it’s open all day.

However, without HootSuite my life would be a lot more difficult.

Gourmet Marketing News – HootSuite: The Advanced Restaurant Marketer

There’s more. HootSuite’s Pro Edition has many features that suit businesses. They don’t limit the Social Profiles, so you could, if they were willing, convince your cook and manager to start an official work-related account to help increase the profile of your restaurant. HootSuite supports its own URL shortener for links over Twitter. With the Pro edition, you can follow the stats without restriction or expiration. Another treasure to marketers is the Social Insights that comes with the Pro editions so you can access information about who is on your social network. This is key to enlarging your network and assessing if you need to change your marketing strategy.

How’s Your Hooting?

What kind of HootSuite user are you? We always enjoy hearing about the new and exciting ways that Hoot-fans find to use HootSuite — whether free or Pro — so please share your happy hooting experience so that owls the whole world over can learn from your tips and techniques.

Plus, follow us @Hootwatch for all of our latest news and releases to help make your social media management even better.

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Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter 5pts

I'm managing 8 corporate Twitter accounts for clients, plus my own. On top of that I manage 7 corporate Facebook Pages. Each of these needs to be updated daily with a variety of content, plus I need to interact with the Twitter communities on each.

I don't know how I'd manage it all without Hootsuite. Each Monday I schedule a few hours to sit in front of Hootsuite updating all of the client's accounts, and scheduling updates for each day of the week.

I then spend some time interacting with the communities via Hootsuite.

Finally, I use Hootsuite to measure how each Twitter account is performing.

In all honest, my Hootsuite Pro account is the best money my company spends each month.

Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell 5pts

Hi Mark,

Still trying to figure out the best way to use this tool.

We provide social media marketing services to many clients.

We also work with subcontractor.

So in this scenario how many accounts and teammembers would we need.

1. I am managing facebook, twitter, linked in accounts for 10 clients.

Subcontractor will sometimes post as well as prepare reports.

In many cases the clients will want to post to various channels. Do they need to be paid team members as well.

I hope this is something understandable to you and you can help me clarify how this works for a consultant.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Hi Mark,

I personally was an early fan of the Tartan Podcast from around 2005! So glad to hear you are enjoying HootSuite - please let us know of any feature requests and ideas you have for the dashboard.



Mike Abasov
Mike Abasov 5pts

Hi Bruce,

You will need your account + 11 team members (for your subcontractor and the clients).

I would suggest that you only have 1 team member for the subcontractor and ask the client to post directly to the social networks or by asking you.