Android Adds Facebook ~ More Free Mobile Fun from HootSuite

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 28 Comments

Android with Facebook
facebook tool on android
There once was a time before owls and robots got along, but thankfully those days are well behind us. That’s why HootSuite is so happy to release a bigger, better, Androidier version of the HootSuite Android mobile app.

Robot Maintenance

Since launching HootSuite for Android, we’ve heard from Robot enthusiasts the whole world over. So we went to work testing on multiple handsets and gathering feedback and feature-suggestions that have inspired a series of new additions and improvements. The result is a bushel of bug fixes plus a revamped user interface to provide an enhanced experience with all of the core HootSuite tools you enjoy.

tools for facebook on android


The most exciting addition to HootSuite Android is the integration of Facebook.

Now Android users with the HootSuite app can add Facebook accounts right to their handsets, as well as import existing accounts and pages from the HootSuite web dashboard. It’s all sorts of Facebook fun — you can “like,” add comments, and schedule updates too.

That’ll make you and your friends happier!

Get Droided

Pick up your shiny new portable robot owl by downloading Android the app here. And remember, these ‘lil robots are free!

free Android mobile app from HootSuite


For more help using the app, take a look at our collection of Help Desk articles to get you going. We want to hear from you, so please drop us a line at our Community Support Forum with suggestions, comments, feature-ideas and compliments.

Owls for You

mobile fest contest from HootSuiteIf you’ve been following mobile fest this week, you’ll know about our postcard contest. If not, find out more about how you can be one of 20 winners of a Hootkit full of limited edition stickers and owly goodness.

Send us a postcard that lets us know what HootSuite means to you — just make sure it’s post-dated by October 30th — and we’ll select our favorites to share with everyone. Check out our official mobile fest kick-off post for full details.

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Gaby 5pts

I tried adding my facebook account several times but failed. it says: failed adding account. the app recognize it but doesnt want to add. please advise

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Hurrah, our plan is working! #cute #owls #FTW

jenny cabin
jenny cabin 5pts

wow the little owl robot is so cute!! makes me want to download the app just to have that cute little owlbot ;)

lara 5pts

i want to download hootsuite app on my mobile but i could,how can i download it on samsung GT-B5310 mobile?? ,i need the link or whatever to download it,please help me and thanks a lot

stefan p.
stefan p. 5pts

There are Problems, when you want to post a Photo or Status on your "Fanpage" (not you personal page). Broken Link to the Photo, Name of the Poster appears (this is not usual in a fanpage, where just the name of the Page appears as author of a Posting).

Darrel Christianson
Darrel Christianson 5pts

I'm honestly very disappointed in the app. Hootsuite has the ability to manage most my social media (even wordpress) BUT the app seems to only work for twitter/facebook home pages. I tried suggested about to get my company page, didn't work. Nor does my linked in or foursquare link up.

I even tried signing up for apaid account thinking that would work. Will play some more tomorrow. If it doesn't paid account cancelled, app deleted. I'll work with Tweetdeck.

Blackberry development
Blackberry development 5pts

I had no problems with downloading and istalling the app! Thank you very much! And the layout is really convenient. I'm on the top of the world!

Alex Schutte
Alex Schutte 5pts

Is there a way to add a Facebook Page to the Android app? It appears that it only lets you add an individual profile.

Lee Craggs
Lee Craggs 5pts

Fantastic app! It has helped me manage all my accounts, once integrated to fan pages it will be a must for all business owners to save time.

Lauren Janis
Lauren Janis 5pts

This application ROCKS but would love it to be integrated with business pages.

Enjoy The It Works And Love The Ease

Mark J Daniels
Mark J Daniels 5pts

Great - already downloaded... just one thing: no integration with Facebook Fan Pages for businesses?! :-(

Mu kayi
Mu kayi 5pts

Are you sure it's all available already? The 'lite' link does not work (not found in market) and the version i can find through market search fails to download correctly.