Hello BlackBerry ~ HootSuite Releases ‘Berry App with Twitter & Facebook

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 27 Comments

facebook tool for blackberry, twitter tool for blackberry

hootsuite-blackberryRolling along with Mobile Fest at HootSuite – here’s more on-the-go goodness. First off, we’re putting the spotlight on the very eagerly anticipated HootSuite for BlackBerry.

It’s so loaded with tools that you could say that this owl is “all business in the front and all party in the back.”

Berries for All

HootSuite also takes advantage of the mobile device’s functionality by giving BlackBerry fans the tools to update both Facebook and Twitter. Plus, the software is both backward and forward compatible to allow the maximum amount of BlackBerry fans to enjoy social media on the go.

tools for facebook for blackberry, tools for twitter for blackberry

Indeed, the public beta version dropping today will please multiple BlackBerry users with binaries for OS 4.2.1, 4.5, 4.6, 5.0, and 6.0 — and it’s even touch-enabled where possible.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free? So all that’s left is to go download HootSuite Blackberry now. Not berry-fied? All good, just stay tuned for more mobile fest news for an owl that fits your handset.

Owls for You

Owly Postcard contest from HootSuite… And don’t forget to send us a postcard! Just complete the sentence “HootSuite helps me…” and mail to us. We’ll choose some faves and send Hootkits full of limited edition stickers (including Owly rocking a blue tooth earpiece with the ‘berry) and other owl goodness. Check out the details at the bottom of our mobile fest announcement.

Beta Thanks

BlackBerry enthusiasts have been loud and well… loud, in letting us know of their eagerness to get their hands on the release of a HootSuite version just for them. We listened and even brought some intrepid testers on-board for the private beta release over the last few months – thanks for your help.

While this software is extensively tested, this is still a beta release. Kindly share your experience including bugs, problems, compliments and ideas at the Community Support Forum. Learn more about using HootSuite Blackberry with our collection of help desk articles.

All-in-all, we’re happy to release a BlackBerry client that will make you smile — for business and pleasure.

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Carros de Luxo
Carros de Luxo 5pts

i Agree in import my desktop user and can’t create new account either.. Thanks for sharing!

Dolley 5pts

That really captures the spirit of it. Thanks for posnitg.

baginda bonar
baginda bonar 5pts

how to log out from hootsuite for blackberry? because i cannot find the log out button. this is decrease my battery power, plase help.

Larry G.
Larry G. 5pts

the problems I am having with this application is;

1. there is no area to put in messages

2. facebook application and hootsuite is not working and no one knows when it will be.

3. For right know the social feed application on the BB toarch is miles ahead of the hootsuite application.

4. it would be nice if hootsuite could connect to Linkedin

Edowardo 5pts

I can not access hootsuite.com, i'm from indonesia. so i cant register.

Czar 5pts

Can only access the operator by setting the APN.

Patricia Knight
Patricia Knight 5pts

Is this going to be available in the Blackberry App World? I ask because I can't seem to be able to upload the JAD file to my Blackberry Storm.

lither 5pts

Hello I am user of beta release from hootsuite for blackberry app ,I have pop up message box with" Class java.io.IOException tunnel failed" when create new account from my blackberry 8320 how to resolve that problem?

Thanks for hootsuite teams

Stacey Sheldon
Stacey Sheldon 5pts

wow! This is great. I have been looking forward to this application on my Black Berry. Being able to update my Twitter and Facebook account on the go anytime will greatly help me in communicating with my school mates especially when we are on very critical projects. I will certainly test it and come back to give you my feedback. Thanks!

bakhtiar rifai
bakhtiar rifai 5pts

im using onyx (OS 5) n BES.. i can't import my desktop user and can't create new account either.. :(