HootSuite for iPad Ready to Fly Free

By Jessica Wakeman | 5 years ago | 42 Comments

HootSuite for iPad

The wait is finally over…the highly anticipated HootSuite iPad App has just been released! And we have some even better news… it’s free!

We’ve artfully hand-crafted this mobile app specifically for the iPad’s unique interface and designed it to compliment your HootSuite web account. This new owl makes use of the iPad’s large screen size to maximize the tools you’d typically use on the device, plus includes most of the goodies that you currently enjoy in HootSuite.

Make your iPad a Social Media Manager

Bevy of Treats

Much like the HootSuite iPhone and HootSuite web, HootSuite for iPad supports multiple social networks and profiles (including Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare), message scheduling, and on-board stats. Plus, its packed with plenty more to help owls on-the-go manage campaigns and monitor social networks anywhere from bus stops to board rooms.

Tools for Social Media on iPad

Here are some of the remarkable tools built-into the new iPad HootSuite app:

  • Multi-network integration (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare)
  • Message scheduling
  • On-board click statistics
  • Real-time Twitter search
  • Built-in link shortener
  • Geo-location aware
  • and plenty more…

Head over to hootsuite.com/ipad to see the full list of features and add HootSuite for iPad to your nest today!

With HootSuite for iPad, you can quickly import accounts with a simple migration wizard to get started. So get your fingers on this Owl to build your audience and keep informed on important topics from your iPad, and be sure to tell us what you think at the Community Forum!

Vindivhan 5pts

I sign in to all my Hoot suite feeds via facebook on my laptop but I can't seem to do this on my ipad. I've just upgraded to Pro too, so I'm finding it  rather frustrating.

HootSuite_Help 5pts

@Vindivhan Hi there! Happy to help you out with this. The social networks should automatically sync to the iPad app for you. Can you please try logging out of the app through the settings menu and back in? 

Please  note that Facebook Groups are not supported on our mobile apps, only Pages and Profile will be displayed. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions, and I'd be happy to assist. 

- Sarah @HootSuite_Help - http://hootsuite.com/help

Chriss 5pts

I can't download this app...it keeps saying "The item you requested is not available in the US store"...My business depends on hootsuite, please help!

Richard 5pts

Hootsuite stopped working, failing to link to Twitter, then crashing on load with ios6. When i deleted and tried to reload, it, the Appstore says it is not available except in Canada. What gives???

mark evans
mark evans 5pts

How do I resize columns in the iPad app; I want one column to fill the screen?

Bob p.
Bob p. 5pts

I downloaded the app, and am unable to login. On the browser app, I login using my Google account, but Hootsuite iPad won't recognize me. How do I use this app?

Ken Lomas
Ken Lomas 5pts

I just found the "Launch Welcome Wizard" under the Settings button and re-entered correct email and it imported all my feeds correctly.

Thanks & sorry for the 2 'panic' help requests above!

Ken Lomas
Ken Lomas 5pts

additional info to #9 above...

I have the iPhone app installed under the correct email address & it is working fine. The problem with the iPad Hootsuite app is that... I could only enter 1 account for Twitter and then it would not let me add my Facebook personal & business page feeds... I get this message: "Hootsuite Permissions Notice - Team Member limit reached for this social network"

Not sure what to do and/or how to fix?

Ken Lomas

Ken Lomas
Ken Lomas 5pts

I signed up for Hootsuite under 1 email address, downloaded the Hootsuite for iPad app... entered a different email address, by mistake, and now cant change back to the correct email address!

Is there a way to start over with the iPad app so that both Hootsuite's are the same?

Ken Lomas

Brian Woods
Brian Woods 5pts

I'm trying to use your app for iPad, however, every time I download the app and then try logging in using the "Import" feature, the app starts and then closes out, sending me back to my iPad homepage. Any clue what's wrong? Are any other users having this same issue.

Karolin 5pts

I like the app very much. On the iphone the app is very good and it updates itself when you open it up.

Sadly on the ipad it doesnt work like that. The app doesnt update itself and that's a shame, as I like to use the app on the ipad so much.

Hope an update will be out soon.

PaulB 5pts

Link still isn't working (redirecting to same page) and not available in app store

Kathy Weir
Kathy Weir 5pts

I downloaded the app but when I choose import from HootSuite it shows HootSuite API Not Authorized.

David Chartier
David Chartier 5pts

Thanks a lot for bringing Hootsuite to the iPad, it's a great release! I'm a little confused on the "import your accounts" language, though. Is it not using a true "sync" with our main Hootsuite.com account? I've already set up the app on my iPad, so if we add more accounts to Hootsuite.com, will I have to perform another import to get them on my iPad?

Christine Parrott
Christine Parrott 5pts

Woot! I have been waiting for the iPad app! Thanks for keeping it free. Can't wait to check it out!

Ramona Strojevs
Ramona Strojevs 5pts

I tried to download this, but just takes me to a link that just says Coming Soon. :-(