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By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 18 Comments

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Mobile Fest continues to roll along with a dedication to our venerable friend — HootSuite iPhone. This ultra user-friendly phone just got a little more fun today with a vamped up version of the HootSuite iPhone app — fresh off the line and into your hands. Making it speedier and easier to communicate with friends was the inspiration behind these friendly new features. 

Wiser. Free-er.

facebook on iphone, twitter on iphoneThis owl won’t slow you down! The existing features have been polished and perfected with a whole lot of little fixes making mobile monitoring, posting, searching, scrolling, … and whatever else you want to do with your mobile HootSuite … a breeze. And it’s free! Want intelligent auto-complete for user names? You got it. The new HootSuite for iPhone grabs users from your home feed, direct messages, etc. and fills them in for you — Just type “@” and the first letter to see all of your auto-complete options. Want to see who follows you on your various accounts? Or check who you’re following back? Done. The new “Friendship Status” table allows you to track who’s following which profile. See more and do more:

  • Views of unread streams
  • Auto #hashtag population
  • New list options
  • Easier blocking, unblocking and reporting spammers…

Phew. This app is truly loaded. In addition to the fun you can have with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, we’ve recently added treats like “bump” to follow and geo-location options, so staying connected while on the go is as fun as it is simple.

Trending Owls

HootSuite Trending on Twitter WorldwideWith all the buzz around mobile fest, HootSuite trended worldwide on Twitter yesterday (and no, we don’t beliebe it had anything to do with a well-coiffed teen singing sensation being in town) — this famous little owl will surely add to the excitement. So get your thumbs on your free and friendly owl by downloading today.

Free iPhone mobile app from HootSuite

More Help

And as always, we want to hear from you. Kindly send us your comments, feature suggestions or queries via our Community Support Forum. If you need help, our Help Desk has articles specifically dedicated to the latest iPhone app so you can get hooting right away.

An Owl for You

HootSuite Postcard Contest for Mobile Fest There’s a whole lot of owls at HootSuite HQ just waiting for you. Our postcard contest is on, so 20 lucky senders will get a Hootkit full of limited-edition mobile-themed goodies. So send us a postcard, a drawing, a haiku – whatever best expresses How HootSuite Helps You. All entries must be post marked by October 30th. Find out more details here.

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Lorin 5pts

I dislike how the new iPhone update took away the ability to publish to my Facebook pages.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Samantha Warnes
Samantha Warnes 5pts

Well I was happily using the hootsuite app on my iPhone when I updated now it's lost all the streams and won't let me add Amy accounts. Seems many people on twitter have the same problem too.

Bob Walley
Bob Walley 5pts

Want to use this on my HTC Desire. I log in and it loads my account, I hit "Done" and it all. Goes away and when I re-open it asked me to login again and does this over and over. What can I do to fix this?

Roxanne 5pts

Trying out hootsuite...some new features from my previous app twitbird pro and two others...can you possibly adapt these features...1. Tweet longer 2. Delete a tweet 3. Quote a tweet. Am i asking too much for a free app? Just asking for the possibility...overall i like hootsuite...but keeping the other apps for the other features for now...thanks for making it free..

Mike 5pts

Why doesn't the app have a log out function?!?

Cmon now
Cmon now 5pts

Blows my mind when people went a refund on an app - they complain as if it's expensive software yet most of us have more change in our pocket than what this cost.

And that's a deal!

Janet 5pts

Well I used free version so was delighted that it was free

Careerfield 5pts

Thanks for making it free. Suite... or hootsuite that is

Martijn Engler
Martijn Engler 5pts

i must must admit that I've never tried HootSuite before. But now that it's free I guess I *must* give it a chance!

Hope I'll like it! ;-)

Erick 5pts

I would agree with Nathaniel... seems like its a slap on the face to us who paid for your app... could we have at least half our money back?

Nathaniel 5pts

What about all those early supporters that paid for the Hootsuite iPhone app?