HootSuite unveils file sharing and auto-complete for a better Social Media Management

By Chris Trottier | 6 years ago | 53 Comments

At HootSuite, the professional Twitter client, we want to live up to our name, so we’re constantly listening to you and implementing improvements. Our newest update adds exciting new features, including file sharing and auto-complete. 

Picture Uploading

Many of our users have requested this feature, and we’ve obliged. Within HootSuite, you can now upload pictures by pressing the picture icon.

Once you’ve uploaded your image, HootSuite will return an ow.ly URL for you to tweet — making it trackable through our custom analytics. Every picture uploaded is hosted on ow.ly. By logging into ow.ly, you can also administer your galleries. This is yet another way we’ve pushed Twitter to amazing new heights.

File Uploading

Now you can share files on Twitter. HootSuite is the first major Twitter client to support this exciting feature. Similar to picture uploading, you must instead click the document icon. HootSuite supports many document formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Photoshop, and MP3 files. As with pictures, links to files are trackable with HootSuite’s custom analytics.

Intelligent Auto-Complete

Ever forgotten someone’s Twitter username? HootSuite’s new auto-complete feature helps you overcome this problem. Once you type a name, HootSuite remembers it. With your next reply, HootSuite automatically generates a list of the names you most frequently engage with. You can also remove someone from auto-complete by pressing the “x” button beside their name.

New Social Media Tool Autocomplete

What will HootSuite do next? We’ve got lots of goodness planned, but we welcome all feature requests. What features would you like to see added to HootSuite in our next update?

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Melina 5pts

Hootsuite is really good right now but is there a way to add a caption to pictures you upload?

PeterK 5pts

Guys Hootsuite rocks but is there a way to reduce the file size of any images being uploaded to Hootsuite, i.e my iphone stores images at 2.1MB and that is far too big an image to upload to Hootsuite!?


Sam 5pts

I can´t see any pictures. Is there a bug with my browser?

Jos TG
Jos TG 5pts

I vote for Hyves-support too!

Hyves-support +1

Darren Saw
Darren Saw 5pts

The ability to archive specific tweets from my searches to excel would be an invaluable feature.

adebrown 5pts

As you can in some twitter iPhone clients, I'd love to be able to leave short (or longish :-D... ) audio recordings

Patrick 5pts

Just absolutely love the hootsuite tool!

Would love it even more when you would include support for Hyves integration. Is this coming any time soon?

JNFerree 5pts

Its still early in the game, but this new feature set seems to resemble some of the functionality being deployed with Google Wave and that's a good thing, especially since gWave is certainly having its beta phase issues.

Ryann 5pts

Would love for ow.ly to track downloads of pdf's and show up in hootsuite platform just as all other ow.ly url's do (to track clicks)...thanks!

Andrew Wilcox
Andrew Wilcox 5pts

Where can I see a list of file types supported by the file uploading tool?

Are zip files supported?

Any plans to include Mindjet MindManager files types?

Paul B.
Paul B. 5pts

@Paul B.

A ha. I see it now, under Account - or maybe it was added recently. No way to edit a file, but at least it can be removed. Good job, HS!

Be blessed,


Jeff 5pts

@Jason -- Definitely something we're thinking about.

@Platinum Monarch Design -- List support is coming soon.

@Pierre and @Paul -- If you log into ow.ly (using your Twitter account) you'll be able to view the photos you uploaded and remove them if desired.

Jason Morales
Jason Morales 5pts

@Jeff How about image previews of urls? That would make it a deal maker!

Jeff M Newman
Jeff M Newman 5pts

I was stoked to see the file sharing option! Thanks so much for adding that. I also appreciate the stats. HootSuite rocks.

Pierre Fraser
Pierre Fraser 5pts

I would like to know how to remove a document that I have uploaded. Any idea ?

Laura Kwak
Laura Kwak 5pts

I would love to be able to drag and drop columns to other tabs (or select which tab to have a column under through its preferences).

Paul B.
Paul B. 5pts

Very nice additions. I now would like to see some file management. I uploaded a test file, worked perfectly, but what if I want to take it down? A very basic function, yet I don't see a way to do it.



Gigasize 5pts

I have just started using HootSuite hope it is great and reading the reviews its feel good.

delaorden9 5pts

whar about video upload ? or am I missing it ?

Lisa Matriss
Lisa Matriss 5pts

I would love to be able to set an automated response whenever anyone follows me. Also, I would like to view how many people I am following and who is following me.


@DanielaBolzmann @SocialSkoop
@DanielaBolzmann @SocialSkoop 5pts

I forgot to put on my survey:

Multiple ping.fm accounts would be nice.

Also, to be able to access hootsuite from my G1 phone would be amazing.

Duggy Moore
Duggy Moore 5pts

Before Hoot Suite I used People Browsr which had a url expander - so if I hovered over a short url (ow.ly, bit.ly etc) it would expand and show me the full url of where it was going.

That should be the next update you make. Great service already though, thanks

Thomas 5pts

A Poll/Survey feature would be nice!

Hootsuite is awesome. Keep up the good work!

Chris 5pts

Nice Feature, we like the image uploading button! ;)

Jason 5pts

How come my account doesn't do the auto-complete feature? Do I have to do something to get that feature?

Cassie 5pts

I would become a full time hootsuite user (was just introduced to you guys today) if we could make groups and clear columns... I happily made a standalone of HS today using prism and that's awesome, you guys have a nice clean setup!

Jeff 5pts

@Brad Nix -- Definitely. This is an important feature and one we'll be working on in the near future.

Jeff 5pts

@Randall King -- That's something we may be doing in the future. We're thinking about it.

Jeff 5pts

@Ben Licher -- Twitter's search API allows this on their site, but they haven't opened up querying by location/radius to 3rd party apps yet.

Melissa 5pts

How do you change the caption text for pictures? I can only make it display the photo's file name, which I do not want to have to change on my end. However, in the above screen shot there is a caption. Please advise.

Randall King
Randall King 5pts

Transloading web images, by supplying urls, would be very beneficial IMO.

Nearly all my tweeted pics are images based off the web.

Thanks for giving this thought a listen.

Brad Nix
Brad Nix 5pts

These are nice upgrades, but I also want the ability to add Editors who already have HootSuite accounts.

Brett T. T. Macfarlane
Brett T. T. Macfarlane 5pts

Ohhh, these are great updates. Bravo. Would be great to enable emailing in photos to replace TwitPics.

Steven Banks
Steven Banks 5pts

You guys are doing a great job! My hats off to you and the team leading this effort. Now, very low on the list, let's be able to change background colors to HootSuite.

Don't settle to be part of the flock, use HootSuite and soar with the eagles! OK, soar with the Owls... :-)

Eddy Dibbink
Eddy Dibbink 5pts

I would like Facebook-support. Maybe even Hyves-support. Then HootSuite is perfect for me.

Kiley 5pts

This is awesome! I really need the auto-complete feature, I will use it everyday.

Claire T
Claire T 5pts

@thirlwall_assoc Great new features, thank you for that. All I want now is an autoresponder for new followers and unfollowers, with some flair in the design.

Question - is a nocturnal tweet always a hoot?!

Vinocations 5pts

Fantastic additions to Hootsuite!! Looking forward to video being added soon too.

Will multiple photo uploads be added in the future?

How about providing a link to ow.ly from within Hootsuite to manage photos/files and galleries?

donsd 5pts

If I were a regular user of hootsuite I would expect to be able to clear the columns.

sinaisix 5pts

You guys are just amazing. You really are moving twitter to a different level

Ben Licher
Ben Licher 5pts

I would love a search option like: searchrchword within a radius of 10 miles around Amsterdam.

Duncan 5pts

Nice! What are there file size limits on the uploads?