HootSuite’s Secret Weapon: The Hootlet

By Chris Trottier | 6 years ago | 65 Comments

July 19/2012 UPDATE: This is old news! Check out the latest developments with Hootlet here.

We call the Hootlet our secret weapon because it has the power to completely change how you use Twitter. Want to share a link? No need to leave the page. Hit the Hootlet button, and your tweet is almost done. Automatically, the URL is shortened and text is grabbed from the site’s <title> tag. It’s that easy!

So what is the Hootlet like in action? Let’s take a peek.


It can’t get any simpler than this. To install the Hootlet, you drag and drop it into the bookmark bar. Still confused? Don’t worry, we got this nifty YouTube tutorial.

Using the Hootlet

The Hootlet takes simplicity to insane heights. What must you do to use it? Press the Hootlet button in the bookmark bar.

Once you do that, a new window pops up. Your URL has been shrunk with our ow.ly URL shortener, and the tweet is ready to go. But what makes the Hootlet more amazing is the ability to schedule!

What’s HootSuite if you can’t manage multiple accounts? You can do that from the Hootlet too. Click on the profiles you want to use for tweeting, and a checkmark confirms what accounts will send the message.

How Can the Hootlet Help?

The Hootlet saves time. With it, you no longer have to manually shorten a URL — an ow.ly link is provided automatically. Headlines are grabbed from the source’s <title> tag and are used as default text. Best of all, you never have to leave a site to tweet about. This is why the Hootlet is our secret weapon — and will be yours too.

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dlature 5pts

this has all changed now.  Hootlet has basically been castrated.  No more "Select Text to send to Hootlet" - the right click option is there but doesn't send it, and forces you to send the full title,  as there is no "editing" out of that title.  Horrible solution.

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@dlature Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite Team. My name is Gary and I'd be happy to clarify further. 

Firstly, I would like to start by apologizing for the inconvenience and disruption to your workflow as a result of the recent changes to Hootlet. 

Due to changes with Facebook, we've updated Hootlet's functionality to maintain compliance with their API change.  More information regarding the Facebook changes can be found here: 


Our Development Team is actively working on changes to Hootlet to try and return much of the original functionality. As we go through the process of making these changes, we are monitoring any feedback from our users here: 


We would appreciate any feedback that you have for us so that we can take this into account when making future changes. 

Again, our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this. 

Thanks again for reaching out to us. If we can assist further with any questions, please reach out to us on Twitter, @Hootsuite_help or via Private Message on our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/hootsuite

Kind regards, 

Gary | @HootSuite_Help | HootSuite Help Desk - http://ow.ly/dBnBz

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@Enlightenup Thanks for your post!

Currently, Hootlet works for social networks that we're officially partnered with, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ pages and Wordpress. Since Tumblr integrates with Hootsuite via the App Directly, we're unable to post to Tumblr using Hootlet.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at @Hootsuite_Help.

Mika | Customer Advocate | hootsuite.com/help

MikeOlsen_me 5pts

The Hootlet icon shows up in certain web embedded photos and not in others. This is in addition the hottlet icon in the menu bar. Is there a key to knowing which "photos" are Hootlet enabled and which ones are not? Thanks for your great product and your help.


Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out, my name is Ernesto from the Vancouver office and I'm more than happy to help you.
We will like to further troubleshoot this. Please reach out to us by Twitter @Hootsuite_Help or through Live Chat https://hootsuite.com/help

Best Regards,
Ernesto | Customer Advocate | @Hootsuite_Help

nadine 5pts

I love the feature, however, photos and thumbnails or any visuals are not shared with the post to Twitter and Facebook. Just the post and link. As you know, many posts are only 1/2 as effective without a nice visual to attract people. 

Nikki 5pts

I just updated Firefox and Hootlet no longer works. Is there a fix?

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@Nikki  Thanks for the heads up, I'm sorry to hear that! Please reach out to us over Twitter @HootSuite_Help so we can look into the issue and figure out a solution. 


Maria | Customer Advocate | @HootSuite_Help

whisky79 5pts

Guess I won't being trying out Hootlet until it actually starts working :/

Is it not configured for Macs and Chrome browsers?

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@whisky79  Hi there! I use it on Chrome on my Mac, so please give it a try! If you have any trouble using it, send us a tweet @HootSuite_Help o a private message on Facebook.


Maria Jose | Customer Advocate | @HootSuite_Help

donna0424 5pts

I just got a new computer and installed the hootlet extension for Chrome.  The little icon appears in my toolbar, but when I click on it nothing happens.  Could something be blocking it on my computer?  I have an HP Envy

Janneke 5pts

How to install hootlet in ie10. Does not work with option under tools to drag and drop. Works fine in Firefox. Possible to send me a download link like in Firefox? Many thanks, Janneke

tadpole207 5pts

In hootlet, how do i control the info that is automatically posted? Say i dont want the browser im using posted in the hoot, how do i control this?


Ann 5pts

Cannot add to my IE 9 toolbar because my Hootsuite page does not have the same drop down list as shown in video!

Bojan 5pts

Exactly what i wanted to know Dave, tnx.

Bojan 5pts

Do you guys support hootlet for Safari? I can't seem to find the bookmark for it

Linda Bacon
Linda Bacon 5pts

Hootlet no longer working. Used it for months, no problem, didn't change anything, but suddenly stopped working. Allows me to enter all the info fine, but then it doesn't register in HootSuite.

Barbara 5pts

Homepage is not showing hootlet again???? I see the video tutorial, but cannot find the owl to drag to my toolbar... HELP!!

Vassilis bartzo
Vassilis bartzo 5pts

Love hootlet, but it would be great if I could use it on my iPhone and from google reader app

deb 5pts

Hootlet works great in my Firefox ... but when I recommended Hootsuite and the Hootlet to a friend with MSIE 8, she couldn't get Hootlet to work. I tried it, and she's right. It will not drag to my MSIE (8) bar for love nor money. It acts like it's going to ... but it doesn't ever take. :(

Joey Connick
Joey Connick 5pts

Why did you turn the Hootlet into an add-on?! I want the simple version back so it integrates with my Bookmark toolbar in Firefox!

coodar 5pts

Simon Sharwood :

I would use the Hootlet, but for some reason it resizes my Firefox window and makes it impossible to use.


TCM 5pts

I was digging through all my twitter accounts and wishing there was a way to keep them organized when I stumbled upon hootsuite and I thought wow this is Delicious. I sent the link to a friend via email and asked him if he reditt. He called me while I was eating lunch at Mr. Wongs and gave me props for the good find. Now hootsuite is both our faves. Great work and thanks!

tweetestrealtor 5pts

my hootsuite 2.0 reverted back to old hootsuite but with a few better features. Is anyone else having this issue?

Cynthia 5pts

Know when you will be offering the functionality of including photos and video?

Jeff 5pts

@Steve @helenapoll -- We had to temporarily put up a notice about the DDoS issues Twitter had been having. We've taken this down, so you should be able to see the Hootlet. Happy tweeting!

@Debibliophile -- In IE or Chrome, you may need to right-click on the hootlet and save it to your favorites.

helenapoll 5pts

I WOULD install it...if I could find it. It's not on your homepage anymore and I can't seem to locate it anywhere. Makes it rather difficult to use. There's no link in the article either. What were you thinking!? Promote, promote, promote!

Steve 5pts

Where did the Hootlet Owl go so I can install this? The home page changed and I can't find the Owl.

Debibliophile 5pts

The Hootlet refuses to drag to my browser toolbar, either on IE7 or Google Chrome. What's up w/ that HootSuite?

Jaime 5pts

I totally agree. Integrate HootSuite and Delicious and you'll have me at "hoot". @Justin Rasmussen

roslan 5pts

This hootlet is hoot! when is the desktop version coming? i mainly use Seesmic Desktop to manage my twitter accounts. The only thing missing is this feature where I don't have to manually copy the URL to trims it.

Angela Yeh
Angela Yeh 5pts

I love Hootsuite! Is there a version for the iphone?

blinQy 5pts

Amazing Twitter tool!

cg 5pts

@Thomas P. Leisle Jr.

right click -- (1) add it to your favorites (2) place inside the default "Links" folder (3) make certain links toolbar is showing.

talentspotter 5pts

I use IE8

I don't see in mt favourites a links option, so I also don't see a toolbar for bookmarking, other than the one which is provided by delicious.

Please advise, because the hootie makes all the difference and without I simply could stick to twitter.

Geeee 5pts

@Simon Sharwood

You can check your firefox option to let the Hootlet open in a pop up or right click on it and from the proprieties make it open in sidebar instead :) hope that helps

Justin Rasmussen
Justin Rasmussen 5pts

Erin C :

I do love the Hootlet, but I have one request …

It would be GREAT if this could integrate with my delicious account. So I could tweet and tag/bookmark an item in one easy step.

I completely agree, the more integration into these other places save so much time and would make me continue to use HootSuite as my Twitter app of choice.

Erin C
Erin C 5pts

I do love the Hootlet, but I have one request ...

It would be GREAT if this could integrate with my delicious account. So I could tweet and tag/bookmark an item in one easy step.

Sweet 5pts

Awesome and thank you so much for creating a great product. It will make it a lot more easier to share my findings with my peeps, eh? Will do an article on my blog to spread the news!

Sweet Dreams,


liza 5pts

hi , its really nice post ........ thanks for sharing such nice information

Mike 5pts

Hi, nice posts there :-) thank's for the interesting information

Thomas P. Leisle Jr.
Thomas P. Leisle Jr. 5pts

I cannot drag-and-drop the Hootlet onto the IE7...anywhere. I had no problem adding it to Safari. What am I doing wrong...your video shows Safari even though most of the known world uses IE.

Halina 5pts

I love this.

A couple of suggestions:

Along similar experiences as Norm above, I'd like Hootlet to open in a new window so that I can look at the original page while twitting. Also, as I send my tweet, I'd like to be able to decide where I want to go from there: 1. close window 2. dashboard


Philipp Petrescu
Philipp Petrescu 5pts

Great tool the Hootlet - I love it. But it is useless when ow.ly is down and it is down again... Maybe you can implement an other URL shrinkener?

Norm Gregory
Norm Gregory 5pts

You guys are missing the boat here. I don't want the title of the page in the edit box. I want the text I have selected in the page. So I can edit and save myself alot of retyping. I got spoiled by BigTweet . . which I will continue to use until HootSuite gets up to speed.

Thank you for reading.

Toni Burley
Toni Burley 5pts


I love the lil hootlet.make twitter life even easier. Way to go hootsuite team! =D

Joe B
Joe B 5pts

I like Hootlet but one annoying thing happens. My browser window is automatically re-sized to a fraction and I have to enlarge it every time to get it back to the correct size. Don't know why this happens.

Firefox 3.0.10 on Mac OS X