HTML5 is Alive ~ User Vids, Pods and Blogs about HootSuite5

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The HTML 5 Vibe is Alive

After yesterday’s mighty launch of HootSuite 5, this nest of Owls is ready for a weekend of replenishing the fingers and brain. But before we shift to summertime leisure mode, we want to share a few awesome vids, pods and posts made by HootSuite users about the new release.

Owly at Launch Party 9 Vancouver
The Owl loves the attention – photo by @jasonkovacs

Video Fest

The video offerings include 2 versions of instructions about choosing your ReTweet style, a disco-fied review of new features, plus a getting started guide for new HootSuite users.

HootSuite5 & HootSuiteLuv from Nicole Yeary

HTML5 meets HootSuite ~ HootSuite5 smashed it again with incredible updates, of which I couldn’t pick one favorite. So Amazing – You really have to try for yourself, but I wanted to share HootSuite5 from my perspective. *Of course this is not an official HootSuite video

How to change back to “normal” retweets in Hootsuite107designs

Along with Hootsuite’s new interface came Twitter web retweets, which I’m not fond of in the least. After I discovered that it was optional, I thought I’d share how to change it back to “normal”. Hope this helps. :)

New Hootsuite Features on thegrandmamaryshow

Hootsuite 5 came out and it looks fabulous! One vital change you need to make is to change the RT feature and I show you how in this video.

Quick Start Vid

This one is handy for new HootSuite is a great foundation for new users but was released before the update. How to Use HootSuite -– A Quick Start Guide for Beginners by Technically Speaking

More Treats

Seeking audio commentary? Download this podcast:
Generally Speaking Production Network #046 Social Media Serenity

Seeking alpha-geek commentary? Mashable’s your source:
HootSuite Adds New Features and Fresh Interface with HTML5

{Update} Seeking stats knowledge? Evolutionary Designs has a post:
Quick Tip: Learn How to Integrate Google Analytics with Hootsuite5

Seeking a little bit o’ funtimes? Here ya go:
Four of the Most Awesome Hootsuite Updates | expertSEM

  1. Blue Steel and Magnum– Way to go with class and choose two of the Derek Zoolander’s mind-alteration, hip gyrating looks.  Points simply for being that cool.  But, beware Hootsuite, “it’s not easy being really really good looking.”
    blue steel

More Hoots

For more HootSuite5-specific news from around Inida, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Japan …. well you get the idea … check out the HootSuite social bookmark stream and/or follow @hootwatch for the firehose of coverage.

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Nicole 5pts

Thank goodness for the clue in about being able to turn off the "twitter web retweets" I don't have enough time to be playing around trying to figure 'new' things out...and the "web" re-tweets make things difficult. One of the reasons I liked HS was it's simplicity of use; especially with visibility of going to all my social networks at once. This 'upgrade' may change that opinion...

Ray 5pts

I literally can't figure out any other way to make these comments at your website so I'll just leave them here.

There is no way to schedule a series of future tweets anymore as there used to be.

My RSS feed broke the other day and the new poosts on my blog do NOT get "tweeted" as they once did.

The navigation at this site is horrendous. I guess it seems intuitive to you but I think it is a nightmare.

I clicked on FEedback and that will not come up - the only thing that will "pop up" is when you click on the 'blog' tab so you go! It sure is hard to bellive that you designed an "update" and came back with something that seems 100% broken to this former user. Mark this site and this service down as one of those sites I've abandoned in my "web career" - I'll just go off now and find something else that works. I'm sure I'll forget you in about 15 sec.......oops already did.

Mola 5pts

I am utterly pleased by all the new features that has been added to Hootsuite. It would be nice, to see in future addition, to have the option of adjusting the size of columns