HubSpot App for HootSuite Now Open #ClosedLoopSocial


On June 6th, HootSuite released a beta of the HubSpot app for the HootSuite dashboard. With rave reviews from beta participants, we are now pleased to release the app in the HootSuite App Directory!

All customers of both HubSpot and HootSuite Pro and Enterprise can now download HubSpot’s new app directly from HootSuite.

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How You Can Close the Loop on Social Leads

The app automatically pulls HubSpot Lead and Keyword data into HootSuite providing an opportunity for social engagement with leads and those mentioning top performing keywords without leaving the HootSuite dashboard:

hubspot app

Contacts Stream

  • View Twitter messages from all HubSpot contacts with Twitter data
  • Filter to show content from Leads that converted within a designated date range
  • Engage with your Contacts – reply, retweet, DM, reply all, follow, add to list and more
  • Click avatar or username to pop up Twitter bios in dash

Keywords Stream

  • View a stream of Twitter messages containing your HubSpot Keywords
  • Filter to show messages for your top performing keywords (based on Lead conversion volume or the number of visits the keyword drove), or individually select the keywords to filter for
  • Engage with those mentioning your Keywords – reply, retweet, DM, reply all, follow, add to list and more
  • Click avatar or username to pop up Twitter bios in dash

The app is designed for social businesses using both tools: HootSuite transforms the way people think about social media, while HubSpot transforms the way people think about marketing.

Now marketing professionals can close the loop on social media, tying real-time social networking activity to lead generation-focused marketing campaigns. Try it now.

Closing the Loop and Breaking Records

The new app is one of the many joint efforts of HootSuite and HubSpot. On July 12th, HootSuite’s VP of Marketing Ben Watson will join HubSpot’s Dan Zarella to host the Science of Inbound Marketing. This webinar is slated to be the world’s largest ever, and we invite you to attend!

Register NowAll attendees will receive a special bonus for participating, and when we break the record, special prizes will be awarded to some lucky participants. Don’t miss out! Register today.

Author: Ashley Jane Brookes

Ashley Jane Brookes has written 90 posts for the HootSource blog..

Ashley is the marketing lead for HootSuite’s brand and content strategy, with a focus on enterprise business and client success. Since 2010, Ashley has helped build the marketing efforts for the company which has seen growth in excess of 7 million users worldwide. Her speaking experience for HootSuite includes various presentations on Best Practices for Social Business as well as the World Summit Awards in Cairo where she spoke about social media’s role in the Egyptian Revolution.


This looks like a great app! However, the download doesnot work. The application will not install. Can you look into this?