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By Andy Au | 3 years ago | 4 Comments

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Whether you’re a social media manager, blogger or just a Twitter-addict, HootSuite mobile apps are a great way to stay connected to your work and interests. To give you the most value out of our mobile apps, we’ve compiled a list (below) of just some of the valuable things you can do with HootSuite on your iOS or Android device.

Scheduling messages, monitoring hashtags and keywords, tracking click stats, managing social profiles – HootSuite mobile apps really put the power of the dashboard in your pocket.

This week the list of mobile features grew even more with the addition of Push Notifications, updated interfaces and AutoSchedule – a feature that allows you to automate posting times. With this wave of features rolling out, we thought it’d be a great time to share some tips and mobile features you might have missed.

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Using to Auto-Post on HootSuite for iPhone:

Need to quickly share an interesting article, video or link from your phone? It can be a hassle copying, pasting and switching apps.

Learn how you can add link to social media messages with a unique Safari tie-in.


Mobile Analytics Tricks ~ Experiment with Tweets On-the-Go

Especially handy for bloggers and social media managers, HootSuite makes it easy to see how many clicks your last Tweet got.

Read more on how you can optimize your Tweets by monitoring analytics. [clear]

Translating on the Fly with HootSuite for iPhone

Someone Tweeting about you or your company in a different language? Just reach for your iPhone. With just a few clicks you can easily translate to-and-from 50+ languages.

Learn how HootSuite can help you hoot in 50+ languages. [clear]

Mobile Tips from DaveO

Whether he’s at his desk, on the seabus for his daily commute or attending SXSW, HootSuite VP Community, Dave Olson, needs to know what’s happening on the Twitters. Using his trusty iPhone, Dave can stay connected to the HootSuite community, reach out to new users and monitor the conversations that matter to him.

Follow his tips for staying connected on-the-go:

Mobile Tips for Events:

Mobile Community Management:

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Jordan Behan
Jordan Behan 5pts

Thanks Nathaniel,

Our mobile apps will continue to get more robust, but yours is great feedback. Please add it to our Feedback channel, and you may see that functionality even sooner:

All the best,


Nathaniel Cassidy
Nathaniel Cassidy 5pts

Love list management and link shortening on the go with the mobile apps. However one thing that really lets them down is the lack of team functions. At the moment if we reply to a message from the Hootsuite app it doesn't register as a team reply on the web and similarly if a team reply is made on the web there is no way to see this on the mobile app. This functionality is a must for any team with mobile use and more than one user.