Ping-tastic: integration is here!

By Jeff | 7 years ago | 66 Comments

You asked for it… and here it is: We just introduced integration on

What’s Think of it as your social network glue.

A account lets you send a single update to multiple networks simultaneously: Facebook, WordPress, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more. And now you’re able to send those updates through HootSuite to take advantage of scheduling, clickthrough stats, and all the sweet goodness HootSuite has to offer.

Here’s how it works:

1) Sign up for

2) Hook all your social networks up to

(Don’t worry about adding your Twitter account to — HootSuite will handle your Twitter updates.)

3) Add some custom triggers to, if you like.

HootSuite adds


Triggers let you specify a subset of social network accounts that you’d like to post to. For example, you could create a trigger called “status” and have that trigger only send updates to Facebook and GTalk, for example.

4) In HootSuite, as an admin, click on “Settings.” At the bottom of the “Account” tab, you’ll see a section.

5) Paste in your application key, and add a trigger if you like. (If you leave the trigger field blank, it’ll try to send to all your networks.)

6) Choose which Twitter profiles should send data to

…And that’s it! Any tweets sent from the selected Twitter profiles will be sent to

This is an early release of this feature, and we’re super excited about the possibilities.

A few things to be aware of:

* DMs are not sent to Any tweets starting with “d username” or “dm username” are considered DMs.

* Any RSS feeds you’ve set up in HootSuite will not be sent to This helps us avoid issues where a blog is linked via RSS to HootSuite, which sends to, which sends to HootSuite… eventually destroying the Internet.

* Your tweets are sent to Twitter by HootSuite, then sent to If you have your Twitter account linked to, don’t worry — we won’t send to any Twitter accounts linked through This helps avoid duplicate postings.

* We’re not currently parsing the tweet itself for triggers.’s API requires triggers and message text sent separately. Rather than worry about parsing on our end, you’ll need to set up a trigger through the Settings page if you want to use one.

We’ve already got some ideas about how we might improve integration… here are a few things we’re considering:

  1. Allowing you to select a trigger for each tweet — so you can more easily control where your messages are going on a per-tweet basis.
  2. Allowing you to set up multiple keys (for example, if certain Twitter profiles should send updates to one account, and others should send updates to another).
  3. More-better-izing. =)

Your feedback is, as always, much appreciated!

Lee 5pts

When will you be adding Pixelpipe to your network? Awaiting a response. Thanks.

Roger Smith
Roger Smith 5pts

I had a question. What if I had multiple accounts that I have with (each accounts has a different appi key), if I am able to upload multiple accounts with hootsuite and intergate would I be able to use different api keys?

Eric Brown
Eric Brown 5pts

Images are not showing up on this page.

Wendy 5pts

Nice app! Hootsuite is the best.

Joss 5pts

This would be great...but none of the pictures are loading?

Can we get the broken pics fixed?

Casey 5pts

That is awesome. HootSuite is the best.

Kazunari Hirano
Kazunari Hirano 5pts

I've found it at the "Add Social Network" of the "Social Networks" tab.

Kazunari Hirano
Kazunari Hirano 5pts

Hi, in HootSuite, as an admin, click on “Settings,”and I couldn't find section at the bottom of the“Account”tab.

Bill Davis
Bill Davis 5pts

Hootsuite totally rocks! I love this service!!!

However (you knew this was coming), I wish there were a tutorial on how to use it with, how to parse out different messages. For example, I may want to use hootsuite to schedule a message that gets posted to a FB page and a specific twitter account, but schedule another message to post to my FB profile, twitter, and digg...

I am kind of lost in getting this set up in the most efficient and effective way.

michelle 5pts

i want to connect hootsuite to my facebook business page, not my personal page. do you know how i do that?

Hootsuite Help
Hootsuite Help 5pts

If you have any unresolved questions related to the integration, or any other hootsuite/owly related feedback, please send your queries to

My Insurance Guys
My Insurance Guys 5pts

It's been awhile and it looks like the multiple ping groups idea has been shelved. Any word on if it's still coming? The integration is AWESOME, but that would make it AWESOMETASTIC!

JNFerree 5pts

@Mari Smith

By the by Mari ~ Glad to see even you high profile Marquis are in the learning mode too! And so you know, your photo (brand) is working girl!

bloggista 5pts

Wow, one cool stuff. LOL, I suppose I should use this one...

Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes 5pts

All good, I worked it out, blonde moment!

Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes 5pts

I'm having trouble with integration. I got the API Key but when I add it to my Hootsuite account it says "Please enter a valid application key".

I also get the following note on

"Note: API keys are meant for application developers. If you are using a app that someone has created, it shouldn't require you submit an API key. Since we've recently changed this process, some of the apps might not have been updated to meet new requirements.

If you are using an app that requires an API key, contact the developer, or visit the app's website for an up-to-date version. "

@wvpv 5pts


I agree. Please filter out @replies! It really is pointless in Facebook.

Nick 5pts

Great twitter app. Need link tracking from ping post though because if you post through your Blackberry, no Hootsuite link tracking because ping doesn't use ow.y and Hootsuite doesn't use ping shortner.

Luciano Evaristo Guerche (Gorše)
Luciano Evaristo Guerche (Gorše) 5pts

I'd love to propagate my delicious bookmarks and Google Reader's Shared items (which are available through public RSS feeds) to social networks I have accounts in. Why not let users choose to let RSS feeds they set up in HootSuite to be sent to

social media
social media 5pts

social media...

Almost three years ago, when I first started my research on using blogs in teaching, I was very surprised to find that while writing on their blogs in class, the students often chatted quietly about their work. They were short exchanges, mostly about s...

ElenaLisvato 5pts

I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

Stephen Conroy
Stephen Conroy 5pts

I really think the integration is great! I would like to be able to specify which tweets get sent to ping on a per tweet basis. To try to accomploish this, I created a new twitter account. I then set it up in HootSuite to send tweets to Now my account will update my primary twitter account and my facebook page. However, I noticed that when I send a tweet out through the new account @pingSteve, the tweet goes to @pingSteve and facebook but this is not what I want. Any suggestions? @stephenpconroy

Michelle Cubas
Michelle Cubas 5pts

Very exciting and thought through. Just what I've been looking for—an integrator!


cygnoir 5pts

This is terrific integration -- thank you!

One question: can I still use % with the "adjust grammar" setting enabled on In other words, will a Hootsuite message like "% is happy" still format correctly throughout all the services?

Nathan 5pts

I'm counting down the days until we can set up multiple keys. This is an awesome arrangement but once we can link multiple accounts based on which HootSuite profile I post from... I could update a week's worth of social media posts all in one morning!

Sally Witzky
Sally Witzky 5pts

Can you let me know if / when we have the ability to add multiple keys (one per twitter account as Allan White suggests)? I manage several clients and this would be tres cool for them. It's working nicely in my account as I've tested it there first.



Karen Williamson
Karen Williamson 5pts

I have recently joined upto this Ping phenomenon and have found it to be 'really' good. Only just getting into all this blogging lark, but could you please tell me asto how I can also get my ping entries to up-date my wordpress blog on my LinkedIn profile?

Jennifer 5pts

Would be really great to be able to choose the trigger for each tweet! OR to be able to associate different twitter accounts with different accounts, but still do the updates for all of them through a single HootSuite!

Allan White
Allan White 5pts

I'd definitely see value for your audience if you allowed multiple keys (one per twitter account). The more you guys see yourself as "Social Media Update Schedulers" (expansive) rather than, "we update twitter" (limited), the more successful you'll be in my opinion.

LawyerCoach 5pts

I have enjoyed using HootSuite for scheduling tweets and getting click through stats. Now I'm adding the Ping integration. But until you get the ability to select triggers on a per tweet basis, I will actually use HootSuite less. There are many tweets that I don't want to send to other social networks. Any estimate about when a per-tweet trigger will be available?

Josh 5pts

It looks like this functionality has stopped working. seems to have removed "triggers," and now they just have "groups."

Either way, it's not working for me. Any ideas?

@CSToday 5pts

I like the idea of being able to select a trigger for each tweet. Maybe set it up in such a way that you can enable it to send to all OR select a trigger

Mari Smith
Mari Smith 5pts

Oh my!!!!! I just realized with Facebook PAGE updating, and HootSuite's ability to pre-schedule this is a phenomenal integrated system for myself and my Facebook clients!!! w000t!!!



Sandy 5pts

I am extremely excite, this sounds like a brilliant service. I am new at this and I can see it will save time. Kudos! to Hootsuite

Twittergator 5pts

I love Hootsuite! I love! Now both are all rolled up into one awesome package!


Please, please, please, filter out @replies. They mean precisely nothing to my Facebook friends, nor do they add value to my Friendfeed.

Oh, and will this work with the super cool Hootlet? I sure hope so!

Daniela 5pts

Is there a way to have multiple ping accounts?

Roger 5pts

I asked about scheduling Pings on GetSatisfaction. So now it seems I can do this through Hoot Suite. This is an outstanding feature for an already excellent service.

anita 5pts

SO IF I AM SIGNED UP ON PING to send messages to Twitter, then I should DELETE that so I can start using Hoot for Twitter?


Shiv 5pts

A brilliant addition to Hoot Suite.

Lisa, Invisible Illness Wk
Lisa, Invisible Illness Wk 5pts

I'm wondering if this is a feature I need to work out with or if it's part of what you mentioned in "improvements." Is there a way to specify certain twits to NOT go to Facebook? Or say a facebook application to block and @replies? anyone know?

Allan White
Allan White 5pts

@tony I think you have to specify which networks get updated on by that particular trigger.

joe 5pts

ok...Not sure if I am just slow or what (definitely could be true), but is there a way to use ping to update hootsuite? For example, I use ping on my cell to email updates, but if I continue to do that, it does not update hootsuite. How do I do that?

Jerry Teplitz
Jerry Teplitz 5pts

Wow, very useful as is. Will appreciate the ability to select triggers in a later update version!!!

Jeana Lawrence
Jeana Lawrence 5pts

Great set of tools. Only one request ... if you could just add a scheduling feature like Twuffer has, then this could be my one stop shop for social media updates. That would really be great.

Joash 5pts

i use to update lots of Networks other than Twitter. but does not have a prescheduling function. so with this integration, i can now preschedule updates so that i can update all my Networks anytime. Even when i am not online. thanks guys.

Small Business Coach
Small Business Coach 5pts

This looks like a fantastic service. I was using tweetlater (which is also pretty cool) for a while, but heck, you guys seem to have all the same features + some!

Being an active user, I'm very excited to get registered and give this puppy a spin :).

Thanks for the heads up and the sweet service! ^_^

God Bless,


tony 5pts

I've already set my key to use hootsuite, with a Trigger to use So my Trigger is written 'ping'. Then I wrote 'ping I'm testing throgh hootsuite' and just my Twitter account updated, but none of my other networks. Am I doing it wrong? how do you use the trigger?

Jeff 5pts

@VoyagerFan5671: Yes, @replies are sent to

And yes, selecting triggers on a per-tweet basis is something we're probably going to do. =)

@urbantrekker: Log in to your account and click the "Application Keys" link from your dashboard. You should find the key on that page. This is what you'll need to paste into your HootSuite settings page.

@Matthew Wilson: Scheduling messages *just* for ... interesting. We'll think about that one.