10 Benefits of Social Media for Business Every Skeptic Should Know

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Sharing content with thousands of followers at once isn’t the only benefit of social media for business. Small businesses all over the world have been discovering the ways social media can contribute to success and growth in all areas of their companies. However, there are still skeptics who still don’t see or understand the benefits of social media for their business. In this post, we go over 10 benefits of social media for business that will turn skeptics, like your boss (or even yourself!), into believers.

Here are 10 benefits of social media for business

1. Social media is an easy way to learn about your audience

For businesses in any industry, the key to success is knowing your audience. Social media makes this possible, and easier to accomplish than ever. With tools like Facebook Insights in Hootsuite you can learn the dominant languages spoken among your social media audience, as well as their age and gender. This knowledge can help you cater campaigns and product offers to your target audience, which will provide you a better return on investment.

social media for business - how to identify who your audience with Facebook insights

2. Social media helps target audiences more effectively

Geo-targeting is an effective way to send your message out to a specific audience or demographic based on their location. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have tools that allow you to communicate the right kind of content to your audience. For example, in Hootsuite you can target by ‘Location’, ‘Language’, ‘Age’, ‘Gender’, ‘Relationship status’, ‘Interested in’, and ‘Education’ on Facebook, and ‘Country(s)’ on Twitter. For example, if you want to send out a post to people who speak Spanish, geo-targeting is an easy and effective way to do it.

social media for business allows you to target your audience on Facebook and twitter

3. Social media helps find new customers and expand your audience

Social networks like Twitter allow small businesses to locate their current customers or seek out potential customers. For example, if you open a new coffee shop in the neighbourhood, you can create a geo search in Hootsuite to locate anyone tweeting about needing a morning cup of joe within your area. After locating those tweeting about coffee, you can start reaching out to them, and invite them to come try a hot bevvy at your new coffee shop.

social media for business - how to geo locate your audience

4. Social media allows you to receive instant feedback from your customers’ perspective

Social media for business gives you instant access to positive or negative feedback, which provides you with valuable insights on the customer perspective. For example, if you launch a new product and share it on social media, you’ll instantly learn what your customers think of it. Another way to gain customer perspective with social media is by learning how they use your product; brands often base new products or services on their customers’ original ideas. Below is Contiki Holidays’ take on learning what people feel or think about their experience on a Contiki tour.

5. Improve market intelligence and get ahead of your competitors with social media

With social media monitoring you can gain key information on your competitors, therefore improving your market intelligence. This kind of intel will allow you to make strategic business decisions in order to stay ahead of your competition. For example, you can create search streams in Hootsuite to monitor mentions of your competitor’s name or product. Based on your search results, you can improve your business to offer something your competitors are missing.

6. Social media can help increase website traffic and search ranking

So you built a website for your company, now what? One of the best benefits of social media for business is using it to increase your website traffic. Not only does social media help you direct people to your website, but the more social media shares you receive, the higher your search ranking will be. For example, if every person who follows Hootsuite on Twitter retweets this post, it’s more likely to rank higher in Google’s search engine results page for variations of “social media for business.”

7. Share content easier and faster with social media

In the past, marketers faced the challenge of ensuring their content reaches their customers in the shortest possible time. With the help of social media, sharing content got easier and faster. When you use social media for business, specifically for sharing content about your business or for content curation, all you need to do is simply share it on your brand’s social network accounts. But keep in mind that getting your customers to share your content with their followers means you need to make sure your social media content aligns to your brand and interests your audience.

8. Social media helps generate leads for one third of the cost

Social media is an easy way to generate leads. For example, Hootsuite’s marketing department was built around content and social platforms, and Twitter ads has allowed us to scale, increase reach, and fuel demand generation. Hootsuite promotes two types of content via Twitter Ads: ungated content (free content requiring no email address for access) and gated content (free content requiring an email). Sharing gated content on social media is a great way for any company to generate leads.

9. Create meaningful relationships with customers through social media

Social media is great for creating meaningful relationships with your customers. For example, social media allows tourism brands to create dialogue with travellers, therefore creating relationships with customers before, during, and after they have booked a trip with the company. This kind of social media dialogue between brands and customers is something traditional advertising will never achieve.

10. Social media lets you increase brand awareness and reach with little to no budget

Social media for business has allowed companies to increase brand awareness and reach of their brand at little to no cost. The costs associated with these strategies are a lot higher with traditional advertising methods. Recently, marketing departments across companies started hiring community managers to increase brand awareness and reach through social media. Community managers foster relationships with online audiences in different regions. At Hootsuite, we have community managers for each of our three regions: APAC, EMEA, and The Americas. This helps us make sure we keep expanding the reach of our brand to those regions and maintain relationships with key stakeholders.

Still not convinced about social media for business?

If you’re still not convinced after reading these ten benefits of social media for business, we’ve put together a handy presentation for you. This slide deck focuses on four key areas to help raise even more awareness on the power of social media as a tool to monitor trends, find opportunities for growth, and create advocates for your brand.

Are you convinced and ready to implement social media for your business? Sign up for Hootsuite Pro today!

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allenwillmann 5pts

Nice post. I just linked to your site. I know many webmasters who neglect Social Media, and it's to their own detriment.

Alice Turton
Alice Turton 5pts

Brilliant post. Social media can also be a great way to easily evaluate competitors as well, by being able to monitor their pages within the insights page. We can easily see what our competitors' strategy by the types of content they post and also see the effectiveness of it though viewing their engagements and page likes. Not only great for the own business benefits but social media is also a valuable tool to assess and beat the competition.

Tyrrell Henderson
Tyrrell Henderson 5pts

A Very well written article, interesting and informative. To partially answer chris_greenf's question, the lack of a social media presence in some businesses may result from a poor implementation of social media.

Alexis Clearwater
Alexis Clearwater 5pts

Thanks for this Katrina! I have been using Hootsuite for quite some time now and I have also been introduced to this new online tool called vWriter.com where they also make great Twitter updates and organized contents that would not look like a spam post. Can I have your thoughts on this?

JD 5pts

Great read Kristina, I'd also add customer satisfaction. SM has allowed customers a voice, which if not listened to can be bad PR, SM allows you to turn it around into a positive experience

mamamamiah 5pts

Customers feedback are really important. Negative comment will help you to do better and improve. Positive's, most of the costumers will refer you to their friends :)

JohnDeisher 5pts

There is a lot of value in learning to listen through social media. Along with listening social media gives business a way to connect on a more personal level. Great article.

michelepapaleo 5pts

It is a great post! There are a lot of useful information 

chris_greenf 5pts

Another excellent article, but are there (m)any companies in business today that still have little social media presence? If so, what do you think is the biggest factor in not having a presence?

nambaruan 5pts

We have a lot of information, a huge amount of data! We only left to knock to people's door with our services :)

giubertinik 5pts

Social Media create meaningful relationships with customers and a deep comprehension of customers needs and habits

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Victorkrieg 5pts

If a small business wants to succeed in this terrible market that we have to struggle with Social Media is a basic key to pay attention to.

Adel de Meyer
Adel de Meyer 5pts

Love this!! Thanks great post to convince skeptics :)

BiancaJSmith 5pts

Thanks for the great detail AND the graphs. It's scary how many business owners still see social as something for the kids, but then drop lots of thousands on a TV spot that they have little way of knowing if it reach, let alone appealed to, their target audience.

SWrightBoucher 5pts

Great post. I particularly enjoyed reading about all the ways companies can benefit from social listening. 

bberg1010 5pts

No matter what reports say, building relationships will always be the most important - it's what makes the other 9 benefits possible or easier!

EmmaCunningham 5pts

#4 is so important. Free information on how to improve!

AlexandreSouzaS 5pts

A parte mágica de tudo isso é que são pessoas sendo conectadas. Amo social media por causa das pessoas. 

MontseSummum 5pts

Good post, especially useful for companies who have doubts on whether to enter into social media and are not professional digital environment. Thanks Kristina

AndiMattuju 5pts

Monitoring the customers include your business compretitors. And every customers will be your mine.