8 Tips for Social Business, Part 4: Engage to Build a Community

White Paper BadgeWhen social media offers enterprises unprecedented access to their client-base, to use it only for one-way engagement would be a complete waste. Social allows businesses to have conversations instead of spewing out advertising and market-speak. Interacting with people on a human-level, and offering advice that may not even relate to your product or service, is the best way to build an online community. And it is these consumers, the ones you help and the ones that you personally connect with, who will become your best online brand advocates.

The following is an excerpt from the white paper “8 Tips for Social Business,” which provides an eight-step roadmap to social success. In this portion we offer insight on how to engage clients and potential clients on social media by offering advice and perks. To view the white paper in its entirety, you can download it below.

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Tip 4: Engage to Build a Community

While each brand will have it’s own communication style, there is a right way and a wrong. The most important thing you can do is to acknowledge the voice of the customer, really hear and respect what they are saying. If what you’re hearing is a complaint, let them know a resolution is being sought, then follow through on that resolution to the best of your organization’s ability. Once again, don’t consider social in a vacuum. Integrate your response with existing channels and let the most appropriate channel lead the way to resolution.

Listen and pick your moments. If sales are a priority, nurture potential leads with relevant and helpful content. Make sales through engagement. The age- old sales maxim, “Make a friend first, a sale second” still applies to social, only even more so due to social’s ability to amplify positive, or negative, experiences.

The @HiltonSuggests account offers travellers advice, often without mentioning their hotels. This provides value and helps build a social community.
The @HiltonSuggests account offers travellers advice, often without mentioning their hotels. They provide value to help build a social community.

Give advice. Hilton Hotels takes an entirely non-sales oriented approach with @HiltonSuggests by taking an engagement for engagement’s sake position. Hilton monitors online conversation for travelers looking for recommendations all over the world. Acting as a quasi global concierge, @HiltonSuggests steps in to offer accommodation advice to travelers whether a Hilton is a viable option or not.

Perks don’t hurt. 61 percent of consumers use social to look for discounts. Social is obviously a great way to highlight promotions and deals, but make them appropriate and relevant to your brand. For example, why would a bakery give away an iPad? Promotions of this kind are common and can build vanity metrics such as Likes or Follows, but those need to be balanced with engagement. How engaged are iPad fans with bakeries? Fans of customized cakes are much more likely to be highly engaged and even influential to a fledgling bakery. Fewer more influential followers trump hordes of deal hunters every time. With HootSuite’s custom URL parameters, our bakery could even track conversions arising directly from their posts to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and put that iPad to use around the office.

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