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10 of the Best Social Media Slideshares From 2015 (so far)

Slideshare is like the middle child of social media information sources. I mean that in a good way.

What started off as a place to dump your slide decks from lectures and conference appearances has evolved into a massive resource library of presentations that stand on their own, without a speaker explaining each cryptic image.

Where blogs are often very detailed and require a certain amount of time to read through, and social media posts are very short and occasionally lack the detail you’re after, Slideshare presentations often sit right in the middle. Great Slideshares offer lots of detail and information in short, digestible slides, which is why more and more social media professionals are flocking to the tool to find and share insight.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered 10 of the best social media Slideshares from 2015 so far. Take a look:

20 Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest Features You Didn’t Know Existed (But Totally Should)

This Slideshare from the marketers at Hubspot was a smash success for good reason: they managed to identify 20 features on social networks you probably use day in and day out that you might not even know exist. Are you saving links to read later on Facebook? What about embedding Slideshare presentations in Tweets? These are just a few of the opportunities you might be missing, at least until you read this presentation.

Social Media for the Time-Strapped Entrepreneur

This Slideshare, by Simon Kemp from Singapore’s We Are Social agency, offers advice for entrepreneurs on how to make use of social media in just 10 minutes every day. Entrepreneurs often wear a lot of hats in the businesses they start, and social media manager is frequently one of them. Kemp goes through the who, what, where, why and how of social, explaining to entrepreneurs why social is worth their time and how to make the most of it when resources are scarce.

20 Super Actionable Social Media Tips

This Slideshare is for people already in the thick of social media who might need a quick refresher or a new outlook on their work. The Hubspot team interviewed social media marketers to gather these tips, which cover everything from content curation to building online relationships. The tips are presented as quotes, and don’t really include much detail, but can still point you in the right direction for your social media marketing.

’30 Seconds On’ Numerical vs Emotional Engagement

LinkedIn Pulse is one of the most innovative brands on Slideshare. They offer presentations to support content that influencers are posting on LinkedIn, as well as video series’ like ‘30 Seconds On.’ That’s right, Slideshare can host videos, which is exactly what this is. In the clip, Meabh Quoirin, Managing Director of the Future Foundation and LinkedIn Influencer, offers her thoughts on social media engagement, and our misplaced focus on the numerical instead of the emotional. Have a look, it will take you literally less than a minute.

Digital, Social & Mobile in 2015

Another Slideshare from Singapore’s We Are Social, this is an absolutely incredible resource of statistics on global internet, mobile and social media usage in 2015. The Slideshare essentially goes continent by continent, sharing regional statistics that illustrate the real prevalence of social media usage across the globe. These stats are invaluable, whether you’re curious about the most popular social network in your area or you’re a global brand looking to connect with users in countries across the world.

Social Media Secrets

Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick are veritable social media giants, which is why it comes as no surprise that this Slideshare earned over 65,000 views. Everybody wants to know their secrets, and the title of this Slideshare isn’t a false promise. The presentation offers insight on how to succeed across a half dozen major social networks, while sharing specific resources for more information to support each piece of advice. Do you know about Facebook dark posts, secret Pinterest boards and reorganizing Instagram filters? You will, after a look through this Slideshare.

6 Snapchat Hacks Too Easy To Ignore

Gary Vaynerchuk is another social media icon with a penchant for jumping onto the latest social media trends. In this presentation he dives into Snapchat, and the easy ways in which brands can make an impact on this widely under-utilized social network. If you’re open to exploring emoji usage and working your drawing muscles, this Slideshare might just be for you. Either way, it offers insight into why brands are increasingly putting work into this teen-friendly tool.

25 Quotes to Inspire Your Video Marketing

Sure, quotes don’t contain a lot of detail; they don’t spell out strategies you can use, or tips and tricks you can apply today. But we think video marketing platform Vidyard does a great job of describing the value of this presentation, and why we enjoyed it so much: “We all need a hit of motivation every once in a while. These 25 quotes about video marketing, content, and …well … life will give you that spike you need!” Prepare to perk up in your chair and get excited about social video.

From Fans to Advocates: How to Build Community and Grow #BrandLove

Yes, we are going to include one of our own Slideshares in this post. Are you struggling to create an online community? Are you able to tie your community building to your broader business goals. In this presentation, Hootsuite’s VP Community & Customer Experience, Jeanette Gibson, and Dr. William Ward, Director, Education Strategy, share how brands can engage with their audiences to build lasting relationships that take them from fans to advocates. They offer best practices and real-world examples of how a strong community of fans and followers can become a powerful tool in activating others to get involved and fall in love with your brand.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Social Media Lead Generation

The words ‘lead generation’ might scare off individuals or businesses that are new to social media. Really, social media is one of the simplest lead generation tools out there, and this Slideshare will help you get over the fear of dipping your toes in. Abhishek Shah walks you through the social media steps you need to take before gathering information about prospects and driving them into your marketing funnel.

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