Efficiency, Listening & Translating ~ News Round-up

With recent announcements ranging from listing on the US Apps.gov to the launch of the HootSuite Translation Project, there is plenty of commentary to share.

But when you add in the nuanced iPhone update and more interest in the business world about efficiently using social media for listening, there is enough news to peruse for an afternoon.

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The Next Web – HootSuite gets political and “Bumps” up iPhone app features.

TNW shares the news about some pro features in the HootSuite iPhone update:

Now on to the iPhone updates, which are quite impressive.  … But the biggest new feature added to HootSuite’s iPhone app?  Now users can utilize Bump to quickly add followers.  A great new addition to an already fantastic iPhone app.

Jeff Cormier also mentions the addition of HootSuite to the Apps.Gov catalog as the first social media dashboard:

This is great news for those government agencies that want to use a social media dashboard without jumping through too many extra hoops, approval queues, or application processes.

The Globe and Mail – Media moguls made easy

Amber Mac describes different ways to monitor your social media headlines and conversations that are coming at 100 miles a minute:

Amber Mac by @kkFor the past couple of years, the popular micro-messaging site [Twitter] has increasingly become the go-to destination for headlines, keeping its users informed about what the world is talking about.

Aside from using a Twitter monitoring tool such as HootSuite, it can be cumbersome to go through pages of tweets to get the gist of what’s on the minds of the people you’re following (for example, I follow more than 3,000 people, which makes it nearly impossible to keep track of conversations).

Bloomberg Business Week — Timesavers to Manage Your Social Media Presence

Eric Groves (SVP of Constant Contact) suggests some efficiency advice:

Use tools to help — As the number of people you’re connected with on social media sites grows, trying to keep up with the constant flow of updates is like drinking from a proverbial fire hose. There are a number of free tools available that can help you keep up without drowning in information, including:

HootSuite is a service that lets you track all of your social media networks, schedule updates to go out automatically throughout the day, and set alerts if certain terms or phrases are mentioned.

Mashable — Readers Choose Freemium Over Ad-Supported Business Model

Ben Parr offers results of a poll about ways to grow companies:

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen several web companies switch to freemium business models, offering free versions of their services but providing additional features and functionality at tiered prices. Hootsuite and Slideshare are just two companies that have recently switched, but there are many more turning to the freemium business model to generate revenue.

We were interested in the trend, so we made it the subject of this week’s Web Faceoff, our weekly series where we pit two opposing technology products or ideas against each other for your vote. We asked you on Monday which web business model you preferred.

Your winner: Freemium. With 36.88% of the vote (461 votes), Freemium was the preferred business model of Mashable readers. Ad-supported received a 24.4% share (305 votes), while 34.24% of you (428 votes) said it was a tie.

Inc.com — 5 Secrets of Highly Effective Twitter Users

Minda Zetlin discusses reasons for scheduling Twitter updates for companies marketing around the world:

Most Twitter users don’t look at tweets that are more than a couple of hours old, so if you want people to actually read your posts, you should time them for when you have the largest live audience.

When is that? “If you have followers all over the world, Eastern Time during business hours is the best time to tweet,” Sansevieri says. “Generally, past noon Pacific Time is less useful. Retweeting starts to drop off toward the end of the day.” Although this is a good general rule, your customers’ habits may be different, so try experimenting, for instance by offering giveaways on different days and at different times to see which get the greatest response.

If the best tweet time for your market isn’t the most convenient for you, you can schedule tweets in advance using applications such as TweetDeck or HootSuite. Wolfer does this, for instance, to schedule some tweets in the middle of the night Eastern Time in order to reach her followers in Australia and Asia.

Gerson Lehrman Group — Engadget Stumbles Upon Community Translation

Nataly Kelly, an analyst at GLG, noticed the HootSuite Translation Project (Note to Nataly: we’d enjoy sharing more stories about this with you) and she totally gets the reason why to translate for the world:

We’ve written before about how businesses are embracing crowdsourced translation to enter new markets. Companies like Twitter, HootSuite, and others have recently embraced this practice too. However, some researchers even propose leveraging the power of online communities to quickly make information available in other languages for assisting with emergency response efforts in various parts of the world. Imagine if the victims of flood-hit Pakistan could quickly and easily receive cutting-edge, real-time information on relief and recovery efforts in each of the 73 languages spoken there.

KISSmetrics – 7 Sneaky Ways to Use Twitter to Spy on Your Competition

Kristi Hines shares tips for tracking public information about your competitors and listening and learning:

Setting up a search for your competitor’s @username will give you a look into what people are saying to your competitor. This way, you can see what their fans (or enemies) like or dislike about them, as well as questions they have. You can create a search in Twitter by simply searching for the @username of your competitor and using the “Save this Search” option, or creating it as a new stream in HootSuite.
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