Get To Know Your Followers Better With New HootSuite Apps

While much of social media can now be automated, there is still so much to gain from actually being social. This means getting to know your followers, which in turn will help you engage them in an effective and interesting way. The following featured apps are designed to help you better understand and engage your social media audience.

Demographics Pro for Twitter

Demographics Pro for TwitterThis detailed analytics tool generates valuable insights into your Twitter audience and people tweeting hashtags of interest. You can instantly access Audience Profiles with data revealing gender split, average age, average income, top cities, occupations, brand affiliations, and other information that will help you cater to the interests of your followers and succeed on Twitter. Install Demographics Pro for Twitter now.



Just UnfollowCurious as to why your Twitter following dropped? Did you lose a business partner, a client, a friend, or just a random Twitter user? The JustUnfollow app in HootSuite lets you know exactly who stopped following you and who your newest followers are. This provides you with the opportunity to try and win back your lost follower and start building connections with your new ones. Install JustUnfollow now.


Other New Apps:

VK Communities

VK CommunitiesRight in the midst of the Sochi Olympics, you now have a new asset on Russia’s biggest social network. VK communities can now be managed directly from your HootSuite dashboard. The VK Communities app allows you to post and schedule updates (including photos, video, audio and documents), view and post comments, Like posts, and share content with your other HootSuite social networks. Manage your scheduled posts, view conversations going on in the discussion boards and more! The app is available in Russian and English. Install VK Communities now.


Talkwalker Free News Alerts

TalkWalkerExtend your monitoring capabilities across 150 million web sources. The Talkwalker Free News Alerts app allows you to stay informed about  breaking news across the web, helping you to protect your brand, your product and your own reputation. Also garner insights for product development and marketing strategies, and identify and interact with key influencers. Install Talkwalker Free News Alerts now.


SoundCloud Free

Soundcloud FreeSoundCloud is the leading audio platform that gives users unprecedented access to the world’s largest community of music and audio creators. With the SoundCloud Free app for HootSuite, you can listen to your favorite artists, podcasts, radio stations, politicians, comedians, share on social and more. Install SoundCloud Free now.


With over 80 apps to choose from, start expanding and customizing your HootSuite dashboard for social media success today.