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We’re Investing $5M to Bring Even More Apps to the Hootsuite Dashboard

We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve built with creative developers around the world.

Thanks to their hard work, we can offer you the largest ecosystem of any social media management platform, with over 250 integrations and business applications—from Salesforce to Zendesk.

These integrations let you manage more of your social media efforts from a single place, connecting the marketing, analytics, and other business solutions you already rely on every day.

But we want to make it even easier for you to do more with Hootsuite.

So we’ve launched a new $5 million Integration Fund.

It’s designed to encourage talented developers to build even more innovative, enterprise-strength integrations and business applications on our platform.

What does this mean for you?

By making it easier for developers to build on top of the Hootsuite platform we ensure that your technology investment goes further, letting you connect the tools and solutions you already rely on with Hootsuite.

That in turn makes it easier for you to connect with your audiences across their entire customer journey on social.

Plus, when your different marketing, sales, and customer service tools play nice together, your work day becomes easier and more productive.

If you haven’t discovered the power of any of our 250 plus apps yet, check out our app directory.

It’s the largest collection of its kind, and thanks to our new investment it’s going to be growing even larger soon.

If your favorite business application or marketing solution doesn’t integrate with Hootsuite yet, why not send them this blog post and get that integration funded?

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