#HootSuite International Events and Interviews ~ News Roundup

owly goes to spainThere is no shortage of buzz around the nest these days. The HootSuite Translation Project is in full swing with new languages on the way, we’ve authored a series of White Papers Series On Measuring Social Media, plus the releases keep coming with social analytics and ways to keep your profiles secure.

This News Roundup keeps it global by taking a peek at HootSuite at work in Nigeria, a variety of interviews with CEO Ryan Holmes, plus more treats! So put your seats up and stow your tray tables for a quick flight around the globe.

Nigerian Journalists & the Hootlet

Dan Mason leads a session during the Writing for Tomorrow's Journalist course in Lagos

Thomson Foundation – Why Now’s the Time For Nigeria to Take a Lead Online

The Thomson Foundation writes about teaching Nigerian journalists to learn HootSuite and what they can do with it.

One of the most important lessons was how to listen: how to tap into conversations across online communities; how to understand the way real people connect and the tone of voice they use.

And they left me in no doubt that, as Tomorrow’s Journalists, they aimed to make it stronger.

That’s the first step to building a reputation as a trusted ally, serving the community, empowering the wider network and individuals, sharing, curating, filtering, leading and adding perspective. It’s part of what tomorrow’s journalists do.

Each morning our course would begin by expanding the group’s collaborative listening skills using simple tools like RSS, Google Alerts and the social media manager Hootsuite; then logging ideas for stories or follow-ups, and adding value to the conversation using a modest button placed at the top of a Firefox browser.

It’s called the Hootlet. There are few ways for a team to share online links more easily, or faster. And links are power online.

Nigeria has a boundless passion for debate – mainly about Premiership football and politics, it appears. This multicultural African nation has its internal divisions, to be sure. But the journalists (and citizens) I worked with shared a quite astonishing level of pride in their nation and its democratic process.”

Hooting Around

FounderBuzz – Ryan Holmes of HootSuite Talks Social Media Strategy

In April, HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes chatted with Scott Olson – founder of FounderBuzz – and shared insights about the value of social media, building relationships, and the use of analytics in determining ROI.

With regard to what is the most effective channel for social media, is it Facebook, is it Twitter, what is it?

HootSuite CEO Ryan HolmesI think it really depends on the type of business and the goals of the company or the practitioners. I can’t really say one is more valuable than the other. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve done a lot of businesses through my career. I really wish that social was around back when I was doing my other businesses, because the ROI that you get out of it, the ability to have a conversation with so many people so rapidly and the viral components of it, the ROI is so massive. I’m really excited for the opportunity for entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses and enterprise businesses to be able to leverage this and use it effectively and then learn from what they’re doing and really zero in on what’s effective for them.


This is a little bit technical, but basically we’re able to help people see full path ROI on social media campaigning. Meaning, if you send a URL out to social through Twitter or Facebook, you’re able to see how many people click it, how many people end up back at your site, and then if you have goals or funnels set up, you can see how many people convert to e-commerce transactions or lead gen or these other things that you may have set up. With that, you can say we spend X dollars in social media campaigning with our social media team, and this results in Y dollars in sales. That’s a really huge thing, and I think something that we haven’t yet seen a lot of demand for in the market, but I think that’s because the market hasn’t matured to that point.”


TDCanada – Social Media to Grow Business

Social Technology Review – HootSuite Community Director Dave Olson Discusses Social Media Brand & Marketing Strategy

Bonnie Boglioli Randall dug deep to ask Marketing/Community Director Dave Olson about the who, what, and how of HootSuite’s approach to social media.

STR: You’ve certainly seen your fair share of enterprise brands and organizations that use HootSuite including Facebook and the LA Times. What are some of your favorites that exemplify a great social approach?

DO: Recently, we released a case study for Social Media Week in New York City for the New York Public Library. NYPL used HootSuite to pioneer a unique, decentralized social media team. The model allowed experts from the Library and its affiliated branches to engage directly with their community online and it won the team an award for their efforts.

We also enjoyed the story of a hospital using HootSuite & Ow.ly to live-Tweet a surgery. In general, we take a great deal of pride in seeing how remarkable organizations like the Smithsonian are using the tool we build.”

Check out the aforementioned New York Public Library and HootSuite in the Hospital reports plus even more case studies in the HootSuite library.

The Entrepreneur Corner – Social Media Made Easy (podcast with Ryan Holmes)

RealTVfilms – Ryan Holmes, CEO HootSuite, SXSW 2011, Social Media Lodge (video)

RealTVfilms – Mobile Gifting from SunFX with HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes

eMarketingVids – HootSuite – Combine All Your Social Media Channels – Make It Happen Mondays

International Interviews

translate owlThe Owls at HootSuite HQ are weighing in on the discussion no matter where it happens. CEO Ryan Holmes and Community Wrangler Dave Olson are featured in some multi-lingual interviews all about HootSuite’s international road-map. What are they saying? Have a look & use Google Translate as needed:

TechSparks (India) – Ryan Holmes, the Founder of HootSuite On Building One of the World’s Most Popular Social Media Dashboard

HootSuite is a product developed at a company which offered social media and web services. This is part of TechSparks Series where in we want to highlight product tech success stories. TechSparks is YourStory flagship event in association with CNBC TV 18 Young Turks to recognize product tech innovations in India. To know more click here : http://techsparks.in/


Q: Your company grew from a relatively small social media company to a global venture known the world over, please share some insights on your entrepreneurial journey, your advice to entrepreneurs.

A: My best piece of entrepreneurial advice is to understand the value and importance of partnerships. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to try and do everything themselves, but there is huge value in finding someone who can complement the skills you bring to the table and provide added support and insight.

At HootSuite, we are continuously developing and constantly iterating. The social media landscape that we have today is not something we could have imagined even two years ago, and there are always new tools and tactics to adapt and add to our offerings.

Our new Social Analytics Reports are a great example of rapidly adjusting to the market’s needs.  We saw an opportunity to offer our users advanced reporting and analytics capabilities and built over 30 different ‘modules’ or individual report tools without leaving HootSuite. This helps “close the loop” between marketing managers and C-levels wanting to analyze progress and results.”

EsTwitter – Entrevista exclusiva con Dave Olson de HootSuite (Dave Olson in Spanish)

Dave: La gran mayoría de las personas está empezando a conocer y utilizar regularmente las redes sociales que los early-adopters descubrimos hace años. Y están empezando a generarse nuevos usos. Lo mejor está por llegar, sin duda.”

Territorio creativo – Profundizando en HootSuite (Dave Olson in Spanish)

Dave: España es el sexto país con más usuarios de HootSuite. Eso os puede dar una idea de su relevancia para nosotros, teniendo en cuenta que tenemos ya más de 1.300.000 usuarios. En cuanto a Latinoamérica, desde que hemos empezado a incorporar contenidos y atención en español, estamos observando un importante crecimiento generalizado en prácticamente todos los países de habla hispana. Eso, nos satisface muchísimo y nos anima a seguir apostando por este mercado, sin duda.”

Dutch Cowboys – Interview met HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes (Dutch)

Menno: Welke boodschap wil je overbrengen naar je doelgroep?

Ryan: Wij zijn ook gebruikers. Wij geloven echt in de kracht en het voordeel van social media en we gebruiken HootSuite binnen het bedrijf voor het werven, het toezicht houden en het meten van onze gebruikers. We luisteren naar de feedback van de gebruikers en betrekken hen publiek bij ons plan van aanpak om zo de tools en functionaliteit zo voordelig mogelijk te maken.”

Always Iterating

The dashboard is always expanding, and we recently released a few remarkable features. With all this new functionality, it’s no surprise the tech industry is giving some attention to the handy, user-friendly social media tool. Read on for more:

Forbes – Best Apps and Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs On the Go


Managing Social Media: I have the Hootsuite app installed to manage my multiple social media accounts and actually find the iPhone app more useful for some things then the website. In particular tracking conversations and focusing in on just one stream.”

Association for Social Media and Higher Education – The HootSuite Social Analytics Report Card

HootSuite icon

Analytics and social media ROI is a topic garnering a lot of attention recently, and for good reason.

Many of us in higher education have seen our leadership move beyond the “we have to be on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn!” phase and into the “wait, what are we getting from the resources we’re spending?” mode.

Some of the more interesting recent chatter about social media ROI includes:

Earlier this month HootSuite joined the measurement party by launching HootSuite Social Analytics. I took a deeper dive into this new analytics platform in the past few weeks to provide a report card on the company’s offerings

Social Technology Review – Hootsuite: Effortlessly Managing Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

The main difference between Hootsuite and other social media management tools is that it is web-based, which means you need to access it through your web browser, as well as create an account.

The basic package is free, but you can upgrade to a more robust, pro package for about $6/month. The free version gives you management of up to 5 social media profiles and 2 RSS feeds plus a 30-day stat history. However, the free version is ad supported.

One area where it stands out is the ability it gives you to auto-send blog updates from your Wordpress blog to your social networks. You just have to enter your blog information and, whenever a new post is published, Hootsuite will send it out on the social networks and profiles you specify, along with a customizable message. Although you can find WordPress plugins that will do this same thing for you, it is nice to have that function housed with all your other social media management tools.”

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