Make Today Really Productive: 14 New Hootsuite Apps for Social Media Pros

On the outskirts of town at an abandoned motor speedway, a hundred thousand fans are waking up for the second day of the Electric Daffodil Festival. Your radio station is an official partner and wants to use social media to extend the reach of your programming and drive new audience growth.

Here are the apps that you use to find interesting content, boost social traffic, and demonstrate the impact of social to your boss.


Last night, music reporters from the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Vice judged the opening night acts. You need to scan the first reviews so that you can share a few interesting stories on your afternoon radio show.

You use the Hootsuite Syndicator app to scan all of your favorite music blogs. It only takes a few minutes to quickly find 20 freshly published articles without leaving the Hootsuite platform.

Reddit is awake, sharing the most viral moments from last night’s performances. You use the Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro app for Hootsuite to find content that is just starting to trend. A security guard is hosting an AMA (ask me anything), which offers a unique insider perspective into the back-end of the festival. You’ll share a few of his stories on your afternoon show.

You also want to know what celebrities at the festival thought of the big performances last night.

1) You create a new search stream in Hootsuite.

2) Put this exact text in the search box: filter:verified

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.22.21 PM.png

3) And then adjust the location to only search within 25 kilometres of the festival by clicking the arrow at the end of the search box.

image 1 radio post.png

You’ll now only see Tweets from verified users in your area like rockstars, celebrities, and famous music reporters.

With this filter, you instantly spot a funny Twitter exchange between Kanye West and the mayor of Las Vegas. This will make a great story to start the radio show.

Finally, you use the Right Relevance app for Hootsuite to search the web for popular trending articles, videos, and content bubbling around last night’s performances.
TVAndRadio-MediaAndEntertainment-Ecosystem-BlogAssets-02 (1)

Your station has five music reporters on the ground at the music festival. They’ve been taking photos and capturing video interviews with artists before they hit the stage. You use the Box app for Hootsuite to instantly access these huge video files.

You post a snippet of the interview on YouTube, using the YouTube app for Hootsuite. You use the same app to schedule additional clips intended for publishing later in the day.

Giant festivals such as SXSW use Hootsuite and Nexalogy to quickly find relevant conversations in a sea of Twitter noise. You use the Nexalogy app for Hootsuite to look for interesting bits of fan content to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.


You have a pair of tickets that listeners can win by entering your social media contest. You create a photo caption contest with Hootsuite Campaigns.

To give your contest an extra traffic boost, you create a Facebook ad (in two clicks) with Hootsuite Ads.

You also use the Roost app for Hootsuite to turn Tweets and Facebook statuses into push notifications. This helps you ignite the loyalty of your biggest station fans. You tell this community of Superfans about the contest. Within seconds, you’ve already gained a few hundred entries.

TVAndRadio-MediaAndEntertainment-Ecosystem-BlogAssets-04 (1)

The festival is in full swing. Bands rock the stage and radio listeners at home want to feel like they are there in the middle of the action.

The Vidpiq for Instagram app in Hootsuite allows you to see Instagram users that are posting in a specific city or location. You find an amazing Instagram photo of the afternoon sun on the stage as the fans gather for the day’s first big act. You share the photo on your radio station’s Instagram account.

You also check your TrendSpotter app stream in Hootsuite. This shows you the top trending photos, videos, and influencers for any tag, topic, or hashtag. This ensures that social messages are targeting hashtags that will reach new fans.


Music reporters on the ground have just captured a live performance from the Weeknd. You upload the audio and share the link using the SoundCloud app for Hootsuite.

While your radio station is in Las Vegas, you’ve been building a large global audience. So you use the Reach7 Translate app for Hootsuite to quickly translate your best performing Tweets into five of your most popular languages. This makes it easy to extend the reach of your content, building a large international audience.


Your boss needs to see hard numbers when it comes to social channels. Lately, YouTube has been helping to drive audience growth. But your boss is unsure whether YouTube is the best network to invest in. What’s the ROI of YouTube for a radio station?

You use the Tagfeeda app for Hootsuite to analyze which social channels your audience are talking about your station. You enter your brand keywords (such as “VegasDrive@91.3”) and instantly see that local audiences are talking about your station on YouTube.

You also use the YouTube Analytics app for Hootsuite to monitor traffic gained from YouTube videos. With this app, you can demonstrate audience demographics, analyze how viewers find your channel, and see their geographic location.

Hootsuite Analytics makes it simple to build a live report, showing global social media activity for the day. The report includes demographics, top trending stories about the campaign, PR mentions, and total reach.

As you’ve been using to shorten your links, you can easily create a report in Hootsuite Analytics, showing how different social channels are driving traffic, boosting followers, and increasing tune-in.

You click ‘Share.’ Your boss is reading the report while you’re on your way home.

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