Ow.ly + Ht.ly URL Shortener ~ News Round-up

Choose between Ow.ly and Ht.Ly - 2 ways to shorten URLsChanges and Choices

The news is out n’ about the changes to HootSuite’s built-in URL shorteners ~the lightweight Ow.ly and the feature-laden Ht.ly.

All the details are in the post: Ow.ly and Ht.ly ~ Choose Bar or Non-bar URL Shortener for HootSuite but for the keeners, here’s some reaction and amplification from the around the web:

Venture Beat – Hootsuite simplifies Ow.ly URL shortener, plans vanity shorteners – April 27, 2010 | Camille Ricketts – also appeared in New York Times under the same title

In addition to URL shortening, HootSuite offers tools to help you track conversations online across multiple social media platforms. You can, for instance, continually search for keywords on Twitter, and you can create lists of Twitter members you want to follow. This functionality is also offered for Facebook, LinkedIn, and the slew of other networks people, particularly companies, want to keep an eye on.

Sarah Vela – Dear HootSuite, I Love You – April 27, 2010 | Sarah Vela

I swear to Thor that HootSuite was eavesdropping on my brain last night. The title of the original draft of this post was “Dear HootSuite, I Love You, Please Change” – but an email arrived this morning that changed all that.

All Business – Customers Buy When You Provide Fewer Choices – April 27, 2010 | Lori Richardson

It went on to talk about new features of their social media platform, HootSuite – which is a professional Twitter client. With HootSuite, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure success. I also learned more about URL shorteners – which I use but don’t think about. No one did, until social media, especially Twitter took off. After reading this particular email I felt it was useful information – unlike much of the noise out there.

BlackWeb 2.0 – Hootsuite Provides Bar and Non-bar URL Shortener Options – April 27, 2010 | rahsheen

This is a pretty significant development for Hootsuite and their URL shortening service. It’s also something that Bit.ly should be paying attention to. As a Hootsuite user, I have still avoided the ow.ly shortener and used Bit.ly because of the stigma attached to framed links (they get on my nerves). With the option to get rid of the toolbar entirely, I will probably start using ow.ly over bit.ly. In addition, the stats interface provided by Hootsuite is just a bit nicer to look at.

Alert Presence – Long-Awaited Change for Hootsuite URL Shortener – April 27, 2010 | Brett Pollard

Hallelujah!  Choice is a good thing.

Sazbean – HootSuite changes url shortener ow.ly, creates ht.ly – April 27, 2010 | Sarah Worsham

Changing ow.ly to link directly to the original URL makes the service faster and appeases many people who have been hesitant to use the service (or HootSuite).  Since linking to the social bar is also a nice service, creating a new shortener, ht.ly, with that functionality makes sense.  Allowing users to choose between them, at will, is a win all around.  HootSuite did an excellent job with this change and should be used as an example of how to change your service without annoying your customers.

Web Work at Home – HootSuite Fully Loaded or Lightweight – April 27, 2010 | Bill Masson

Choice is the buzz word on the Internet …

scrink – HootSuite Gives You a Choice – April 27, 2010 | Christy Mannering

Both Ow.ly and Ht.ly check links against Google’s Safe Browsing blacklist to thwart phishing and Malware. Also note that using the social bar with Ht.ly doesn’t impact your site’s SEO because Google and other other search spiders are passed straight through for indexing and ranking.

The Podcast Blog – HootSuite’s Ow.ly Shortener Just Got Better – April 27 2010 | Ileane Smith

HootSuite has been my favorite Twitter application for months. I highly recommend using HootSuite to monitor your Twitter activity and to make sure you don’t miss any @mentions. HootSuite allows you to view multiple columns of activity on your monitor at once which will make you a Twitter Ninja in no time. If you want to see HootSuite in action, watch my tutorial HootSuite 2010.

Plagarism Today – Hootsuite’s Ow.Ly Ditches Frames, Kind Of – April 27, 2010 | Jonathan Bailey

Today, Hootsuite announced that the social bar at the top of Ow.ly URLs are disappearing and those links will, instead, just forward on to the original URL, as with other shorteners. However, there is a catch. Hootsuite is also starting up a new URL shortener, Ht.ly, that will continue to use the social bar and Hootsuite users will have the choice between the two services.

The question is whether this will appease those upset about the social bar at all and, if so, what the thoughts will be on the new Ht.ly shortener.

Techvibes – HootSuite adds to their shortening options – April 27, 2010 | Rob Lewis

Dragon Blogger – HootSuite Offers New URL Shrink Option – April 27, 2010 | dragonblogger

JPV PDX – Ow.ly – now with 100% less bar – April 27, 2010 | @lawduck

Bliss Reads – Bar or No Bar? HootSuite Gives New Options – April 27, 2010

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