Ping-tastic: integration is here!

You asked for it… and here it is: We just introduced integration on

What’s Think of it as your social network glue.

A account lets you send a single update to multiple networks simultaneously: Facebook, WordPress, MySpace, LinkedIn, and more. And now you’re able to send those updates through HootSuite to take advantage of scheduling, clickthrough stats, and all the sweet goodness HootSuite has to offer.

Here’s how it works:

1) Sign up for

2) Hook all your social networks up to

(Don’t worry about adding your Twitter account to — HootSuite will handle your Twitter updates.)

3) Add some custom triggers to, if you like.

HootSuite adds


Triggers let you specify a subset of social network accounts that you’d like to post to. For example, you could create a trigger called “status” and have that trigger only send updates to Facebook and GTalk, for example.

4) In HootSuite, as an admin, click on “Settings.” At the bottom of the “Account” tab, you’ll see a section.

5) Paste in your application key, and add a trigger if you like. (If you leave the trigger field blank, it’ll try to send to all your networks.)

6) Choose which Twitter profiles should send data to

…And that’s it! Any tweets sent from the selected Twitter profiles will be sent to

This is an early release of this feature, and we’re super excited about the possibilities.

A few things to be aware of:

* DMs are not sent to Any tweets starting with “d username” or “dm username” are considered DMs.

* Any RSS feeds you’ve set up in HootSuite will not be sent to This helps us avoid issues where a blog is linked via RSS to HootSuite, which sends to, which sends to HootSuite… eventually destroying the Internet.

* Your tweets are sent to Twitter by HootSuite, then sent to If you have your Twitter account linked to, don’t worry — we won’t send to any Twitter accounts linked through This helps avoid duplicate postings.

* We’re not currently parsing the tweet itself for triggers.’s API requires triggers and message text sent separately. Rather than worry about parsing on our end, you’ll need to set up a trigger through the Settings page if you want to use one.

We’ve already got some ideas about how we might improve integration… here are a few things we’re considering:

  1. Allowing you to select a trigger for each tweet — so you can more easily control where your messages are going on a per-tweet basis.
  2. Allowing you to set up multiple keys (for example, if certain Twitter profiles should send updates to one account, and others should send updates to another).
  3. More-better-izing. =)

Your feedback is, as always, much appreciated!