SurveyMonkey Swings into Hootsuite App Directory Along With Other #Social Apps


The HootSuite App Directory is thrilled to announce the addition of three new apps that will help organizations more effectively engage with their audiences online. Available free for all HootSuite users, these tools will streamline your social media outreach, and measure the impact of your engagement campaigns.

  1. SurveyMonkey – access your surveys in HootSuite streams for quick and easy distribution to multiple social networks, providing additional survey engagement. Also view summary statistics and responses for your surveys.

  1. Chartbeat – monitor real-time data on your site traffic, allowing you to quickly identify high-performing content that you can share across your social networks for timely amplification.

  1. ContentGems – discover and monitor content related to your products, brands or selected keywords; quickly share content across your social networks in HootSuite.



As social continues to integrate itself deeper in our everyday lives, HootSuite continues to expand and improve its platform through more integrations with a wide variety of tools to fit your needs.


SurveyMonkey – Surveys Now More Social

SurveyMonkey has revolutionized the way people give and take feedback, making it accessible, easy and affordable for everyone. As the world’s largest survey company, SurveyMonkey helps customers collect over 1.5 million online survey responses every day. Providing access to your surveys in the HootSuite dash allows for quick and easy distribution to multiple social networks, increasing the size of your survey audience and response rates.

View streams containing your surveys – search by keyword, and filter by date range. Click for larger image.


The app also allows you to view real-time survey results in-dash, which means you and your team will have constant access to the information you need, to help make more informed, better decisions.


View question summaries and individual responses for your surveys from within the dash. Click to enlarge.


Within HootSuite, SurveyMonkey allows you to:

  • View a stream of your surveys in a HootSuite stream.

  • Search for surveys by keyword, filter by date range.

  • View survey status, and number started and completed for all your survey collectors.

  • View detailed survey summaries and responses.

  • Share surveys to your social networks in HootSuite.

Collecting over 1.5 million online survey responses daily, SurveyMonkey can get you the feedback you need.



Chartbeat – Real-Time Data for Timely Distribution

Take action on what matters, when it matters. Chartbeat provides real-time site data for content producers and front-line action takers. The Chartbeat app empowers these front-line teams to make tactical moves based on real-time data that reflects user behaviour. Gain valuable insight to ensure high-performing content is shared with all your social networks at the most optimal times.

View real-time traffic and performance of your site content, including number of current viewers. Click to enlarge.

Within HootSuite, Chartbeat allows you to:

  • View real-time traffic and performance of your site’s content.

  • Share high-performing content to your social networks in HootSuite.

  • Monitor multiple sites.

Amplify your high-performing content with the Chartbeat app today!



ContentGems – Find and Share Content ‘Gems’ With Ease

Simplify and accelerate your content search. ContentGems is a unique platform that helps you identify and discover content that fits your areas of interest from over 200,000 online sources. The ContentGems app in HootSuite allows you to view a stream of relevant and carefully curated content that you can quickly distribute to all your social networks.

Views streams containing topics and content from your ContentGems account. Click to enlarge.

Within HootSuite, ContentGems allows you to:

  • View a stream of web content for the interests you have created in your ContentGems account.

  • Curate and share content to your social networks in HootSuite.



Designed to bring you the tools you need to best manage your social presence, the HootSuite App Directory will help you do your job better through social. See how many of our 55 apps can help turbo-charge your social today.