New Social Business Apps in HootSuite: Crowd Content, WeSEE:Search, 123FormBuilder


The HootSuite App Directory is excited to announce the addition of 3 new apps that focus on the social business. Available immediately to all HootSuite users, these tools were designed to increase efficiencies with content sharing.

  1. Crowd Content – Makes it easy to buy fresh, relevant content on demand from qualified freelance writers.

  2. WeSEE:Search – Enables you to instantly search for visual content across a number of social interest sites such as Pinterest, TheFancy, WeHeartIt and Cinemagram.

  3. 123FormBuilder – Create powerful online web forms in 3 easy steps.


The HootSuite App Directory has now grown to include over 50 apps. HootSuite users can add the various extensions and applications to their dashboard to create a customized experience. Designed to streamline workflow processes, the App Directory will help you do your job better through social.

If you haven’t already, log into the dashboard and try some apps today.

Crowd Content – The simple solution for fresh content

crowd screenshot.
Create orders for new written content, specify quality, tone, target audience and manage the complete order, review and publishing process within your HootSuite dashboard using the Crowd Content app.

Crowd Content makes it easy to buy timely, effective content on demand from qualified freelance writers. The Crowd Content app for HootSuite allows you to easily purchase, manage and distribute content written by professional writers to your social networks in HootSuite.

Within HootSuite, Crowd Content enables you to:

  • Create orders for new written content, including Blog Posts, Tweets or Facebook Posts

  • Specify the quality, tone, scheduling, category, target audience and more, for your content

  • Manage the complete process for ordering, reviewing and publishing of your written content completely from HootSuite

  • Easily share written content to your social networks

Save time and streamline workflows by sourcing, reviewing, and publishing content for landing pages, websites or blog posts and for social communication across all social networks – all from one centralized dashboard. The Crowd Content app is perfect for small businesses, content marketers, or anyone else in need of new content on demand.

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WeSEE:Search – A simple and exciting way to discover visual content

wesee screenshot
Search for images across Pinterest, The Fancy and more and share them from within your HootSuite dashboard using the WeSEE:Search App.

Tired of searching for an image and getting irrelevant, uncurated content? The WeSEE:Search app helps fix this through hybrid search, which uses both text and visuals to retrieve the most relevant results possible.

Within HootSuite, WeSEE:Search allows you to:

  • Search for images across Pinterest, TheFancy, WeHeartIt and Cinemagram

  • Track the number of likes an image has received or the number of repins an image has in Pintertest

  • Search for visual content by keywords, username, category or social network, or a combination of all of them to get detailed results

  • Share images to your your social networks in HootSuite as well as re-post to Pinterest, WeHeartIt and Tumblr

Filter out the clutter of image search results. Use WeSee:Search today!

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123FormBuilder – Increase efficiency by creating and managing forms within the HootSuite dashboard

123 form
View a stream or search for all your forms, share and edit them and track responses all within your HootSuite dashboard using the 123FormBuilder App.

Hassle free and easy – simplify your data capturing process by using 123FormBuilder to create forms. In 3 simple steps you can quickly create a variety of useful forms, be it a survey, registration form or anything else. Once you are finished, easily share them to your social networks.

Within HootSuite, 123FormBuilder allows you to:

  • View a stream of all of your 123FormBuilder forms

  • Quickly search for a specific form

  • Share your forms to your social networks in HootSuite

  • Access settings and make edits to your forms

  • Tracks the responses and results of your forms

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Always Improving

As social continues to integrate itself deeper in our everyday lives, HootSuite continues to expand and improve its platform through more integrations with a wide variety of tools that fit your needs.

Try some today. Log into HootSuite and visit the App Directory to get started: