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Use Social Media to Boost Event Attendance with Hootsuite Extension for Eventbrite

Social media is a critical aspect of event promotion. Here’s the good news: Hootsuite and Eventbrite are teaming up to bring you the tools and the advice you need to become an event promotion rock star. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing a wealth of content describing best practices for social media event promotion. We’ll share tips and tricks that will help you boost attendance and increase social engagement around your events.

To tide you over in the meantime, we are excited to introduce the new Hootsuite extension for Eventbrite!  Now event planners can extend their invitations’ reach by amplifying via Hootsuite, directly within the Eventbrite dashboard.

Install Hootsuite Extension for Eventbrite

Are you a marketer or event promoter looking to extend your reach via social media? This extension is perfect for:

  • Event organizers who want to schedule and promote their live experiences through multiple social channels without leaving the Eventbrite application
  • Social Media managers trying to maximize local meeting attendance by ensuring their social media invitations are run at optimal times
  • PR professionals wanting to leverage their social networks to promote launch events and drive attendance

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Key integration features:

  • Increase your reach: Easily share any event on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, all from the Eventbrite dashboard in the “Manage” tab of your events
  • Optimize your promotion: Schedule or Auto-Schedule invitations to maximize your invitations chances of being seen
  • Measure success: Track promotion via Hootsuite through Eventbrite to see how your social channel is performing

This Hootsuite integration will be part of the first wave of extensions featured in the introduction of Eventbrite’s Spectrum ecosystem. Eventbrite Spectrum will connect event organizers who rely on Eventbrite to their favorite business tools to make them even more effective in their roles.

“An API-first strategy is central to our goal of becoming the world’s biggest marketplace for live experiences and until now the vast majority of our third-party integrations have been built on the domain of respective partners,” said VP of Product for Eventbrite, Laurent Sellier. “With Eventbrite Spectrum we are making extensions more accessible so that more of our customers can realize their benefits, while also delivering value to partners who will see growth in the usage of their apps.”

“We’re thrilled to be the first social relationship platform to join Eventbrite Spectrum,” said Kevin O’Brien, vice president of partners and platform at Hootsuite. “Our new extension for Eventbrite will allow event organizers to drive higher attendance by easily sharing their events across social networks via Hootsuite.”

Eventbrite users, rejoice! You can now be more efficient in how you manage your social media promotion, while tracking performance to see which channels should get more love.

Note: The current release of Eventbrite spectrum is available to visitors to only. If you are a non-US user and would like to use this integration, scroll to the bottom right hand corner of your eventbrite page and change your country to “United States”.

To learn more how Hootsuite and Eventbrite can drive your event promotion, please visit