HootSuite Syndicator: Power your Social Media with Content from RSS


Google Reader may be shutting down, but don’t count RSS out of the game just yet. As the video below explains, the smartest social media practitioners are using RSS in totally new ways.

When you’re under pressure to push content through your social channels, the number one challenge is producing high quality, relevant content. The HootSuite Syndicator can help by providing you with a library of content that you can selectively choose to share.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 1.47.40 PMDiscovering new content with RSS is easier than ever before, with the latest version of the Hootlet, which now supports adding RSS feeds from your favorite websites as streams in the HootSuite dash.

Content marketing and curation are rising in popularity among brand marketers, even while popular RSS readers are being closed down or withering into obscurity. The new HootSuite Syndicator app now puts full control of content curation into the hands of the dashboard user.syndicator-screenshot2
These new product releases bring together a number of powerful HootSuite tools. The dashboard provides a window into all your social media content. The RSS app lets you add any feed into this view and now the Hootlet makes adding RSS feeds even easier. Once you’ve subscribed, sharing that content with HootSuite is a breeze.

Visit the Chrome Store today to install the Hootlet. After that, you just need to subscribe to your first feed, and HootSuite will take care of the rest. The HootSuite Syndicator will be automatically added to your dashboard, along with a stream for your new subscription. Follow these easy steps below to try it out today.

  1. Install Hootlet in your Chrome browser
  2. Click any RSS feed link (often found in the famous RSS icon)thestar2
  3. Choose where you want to add the Stream in HootSuitethestar_cropped
  4. View Your Content in HootSuite Syndicator Streamssyndicator-screenshot1
  5. Read, curate, share.syndicator-screenshot3


Already using the Hootlet? We have even better news for you. Your favorite browser plugin has already been updated, and you just have to click any RSS link to try it.