Updates to ow.ly, RSS feeds, and click tracker

HootSuite will be updated this evening. The new release includes some new features, and improvements upon the issues reported by some users.

(Please note that the site may be down from 10pm to 12am PST. Fear not! Your prescheduled tweets will still go out during this time.)

New features:

1) Home and @Reply tabs will show “in reply to” links that let you see the tweet being responded to.

2) We’ve added text to the RSS feed settings page to help clarify whether a feed is paused or “feeding.”

3) On the search page, any search you make is automatically saved — no more extra clicks to save your favorite searches to HootSuite!


1) We’ve enhanced our server so using ow.ly should become more efficient and faster.

2) We’ve updated RSS feeds. This should eliminate the problems some have experienced and keep things running smoothly.

3) We’ve updated our click tracker to do a better job of filtering out bot and spiders from your clickthrough stats. This may have the side effect of making your previous stats suddenly shrink as we remove known bots from the database.

4) Clicking on @username within a tweet will now show you recent tweets from that user, rather than starting an @reply tweet.

5) We’ve made mouse-overs on Home/@Reply/DM page more consistent.

6) We’ve solved some of those pesky IE6 bugs.

Thanks for your feedback, everyone.